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Decision Inc. transforms NPO systems

mothers2mothers has migrated from a manual spreadsheet-based system to a Decision Inc. developed Adaptive Insights solution to rapidly transform its business operations.

When business processes break

Processes that don't work impact on your company's bottom line.

It's time to transform the way people work

15 Feb

Software providers must partner with clients to ensure they optimally utilise their assets, better streamline their processes and make sharper strategic decisions, says Softworx.

Highbury Solutions hosts digital transformation events

15 Feb

The company works with customers to develop a mature content and automation strategy.

Emerge Queue helps motorists in CT

In partnership with Britehouse, Emerge Queue installed the Qmatic Orchestra 6.2 queuing system at the Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Department.

Most businesses fully committed to digital transformation

Only 4% of respondents in a recent survey revealed they have not yet committed to this.

Technology trends that are reshaping BPM solutions

BPM technologies are emerging as complete solutions - process-centric applications that are suited for increasingly complex business processes, says TEC.

FlowCentric Technologies, OQLIS partner

The technology partnership is set to provide an additional BI tool that works seamlessly with the FlowCentric Processware BPM platform.

Digital transformation without BPM - a recipe for failure

6 Feb

Chaotic processes undermine the benefits of the underlying technologies being deployed.

Identifying key concerns with document workflow

The biggest challenge outlined by legal workers is security, closely followed by keeping costs down and dealing with fees, says Kyocera Document Solutions.