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Take control of processes to master digital

Modern BPM systems integrate with existing company services, and can cut down on training and improve response times, says FlowCentric Technologies.

Digital transformation pushing businesses to modernisation processes

The modernisation of processes is a key requirement in many industries, says an Infosys survey.

DIY Depot Taung implements IQ Enterprise


This allowed for complete franchise and multi-branch ledger, debtors, creditors and inventory integration.

'Highly unlikely that automation will replace jobs'

Business process automation should rather be viewed as a way to significantly increase business value, says expert.

Lighting the way forward with K8

The Lighting Warehouse implemented the K8 Babbage System from Kerridge Commercial Systems.

4 steps to get management on board with BPM

15 May

Less than 10% of leadership teams embrace BPM as a management discipline, despite clear long-term benefits, says Spanyi International.

COO dilemma: making the visionary visible

In a digital economy, the COO is tasked with removing friction within the organisational value chain by effecting a digital supply chain, says Mehmood Khan, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Africa.

Digitalisation: the key to unlocking future opportunities

Datacentrix offers a number of starting points to help customers take digital transformation from a plan to reality, says Nigel Hysom, business unit manager, enterprise information management, Western Cape at Datacentrix.

Process innovation drives business innovation

New, disruptive companies were not founded on technology innovation but on process innovation, says BPM-D.

Retail intelligence advances through technology

Advanced technologies, such as image recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence, are having a significant impact on the retail sector.

CSX to distribute Alaris products in Southern Africa

CSX Customer Service will be responsible for the distribution of Kodak Alaris information capture products in Southern Africa.

Are your managers wasting time on repetitive, manual tasks?

Here are three steps to follow to achieve effective workflow automation, recommended by Formstack.

What's the link between BPM and innovation?

It is process innovation that got Amazon, eBay where they are today, says BPM-D.