ICT Tenders: Election ripple

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It's another bare-bones issue of the National Tender Bulletin reflecting government procurement taking a back seat to political activity in surrounding national and provincial election. With a submission deadline of one week prior to publication, the bulletin is likely to take several weeks to recover its pre-vote weight and provide insight into the mood in government's supply chain offices.

The electoral process does, however, contribute to this week's edition - the Electoral Commission itself has the last word with a cancellation on its request for voter registration devices and then two tender awards for computer servers and photocopier machines respectively.

Government's latest tenders strongly favour the software sector this week, followed closely by interest in services. The KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority has revealed that finding a SAP or Microsoft service provider may not be as easy as expected. Instead the authority has had to issue a 'non-award' as all the companies that submitted bids for its tender failed to meet the pre-qualification criteria.

New tenders

National Metrology Institute of South Africa
Nemisa wishes to procure 37 multi-function printers with management software on a three-year rental option including delivery, installation and service level agreement as part of a managed print solution.
Tender no: NMISA (19- 20)T0019
Information: SCM, Tel: (012) 841 3652/2671, E-mail:
Closing date: 24 May 2019
Tags: Software, Hardware, Services, Printing, Support and maintenance

Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS)
The ombud is looking for a service provider to design and develop the CSOS Web site and intranet.
Tender no: CSOS008-2019
Information: Technical: Wanda Lubelwana, Tel: (010) 593 0533, E-mail: General: Jabulile Sithole, Tel: (010) 593 0533 Ext 106, E-mail:
Closing date: 28 May 2019
Tags: Software, Services, Internet, Web

Department of Science and Technology
A service provider is sought for the upgrade, support and maintenance of the research and development tax online system.
Note: Accepted bids will be evaluated by applying the Preferential Procurement Point System of 80/20.
Tender no: DST05/ 2019- 20
Information: Technical: Pamella Madula or Thato Matsobe, Tel: (012) 843 6478/6631, E-mail:, General: Lize Kern, Tel: (012) 843 6835, Fax: 086 681 0017, E-mail:
Closing date: 27 May 2019
Tags: Software, Services, Software Development, Online, Internet

The department is also looking for a service provider to host and maintain the Strengthening Technology, Research and Innovation between Europe and South Africa (ESASTAP) Web site.
Note: Accepted bids will be evaluated by applying the Preferential Procurement Point System of 90/10.
Tender no: DST04/ 2019- 20
Information: Technical: Tugela Matubatuba, Tel: (012) 843 6860, E-mail: General: Lize Kern, Tel: (012) 843 6835, Fax: 086 681 0017, E-mail:
Closing date: 27 May 2019
Tags: Software, Services, Internet, Hosting

Council for Geoscience
A service provider is sought to provide a suitable data analysis and acquisition software package, with maintenance and support for a period of three years.
Tender no: CGS- 2019- 007F
Information: Frans Moshoeu, Tel: (012) 841 1250, E-mail:
Closing date: 29 May 2019
Tags: Software, Services, Support and maintenance

State Information Technology Agency
SITA is refreshing its panel of service providers for products, services, customer specific solutions packaging and financial modelling experts for a period of 36 months.
Note: Kindly note that bid documents published by SITA are available and can be downloaded from the National Treasury website at Bidders can also request bid documents by sending e-mails to
Tender no: RFA 1645/ 1- 2019
Information: Emmah Mmatli, Tel: (012) 482 2673, E-mail:
Closing date: 31 May 2019
Tags: Software, Services, Hardware

Service Seta Education and Training Authority
A service provider is sought for the provisioning of aTrend Micro information security management system.
Tender no: PROC T555
Information: Technical: John Marara, Tel: (011) 276 9654, Fax: 086 242 1857, E-mail: General: Conny Mathebula, Tel: (011) 276 9621, Fax: 086 242 1857, E-mail:
Closing date: 13 Jun 2019
Tags: Software, Security

Department of Health
The department is looking for a service provider for physical, electronic storage and retrieval of claimant and revenue files of the MBOD/CCOD.
Compulsory briefing: 23 May
Tender no: NDOH 05/ 2019-2020
Information: E-mail:
Closing date: 10 Jun 2019
Tags: Hardware, Software, Services, Storage

Mine Health and Safety Council
The council is advertising for a service provider to provide Microsoft licensing software for a duration of 24 months.
Non-compulsory briefing: 24 May
Tender no: MHSC005/ 2019-20
Information: Z Ndlangana, Tel: (011) 656 1797, E-mail:
Closing date: 11 Jun 2019
Tags: Software, Software licensing

Request for information

Lepelle Northern Water
The entity is requesting information on an electronic integrated system.
Note: Enquiries to be directed to the below officials.
Compulsory briefing: 22 May
Tender no: RFI 01/ 18/ 19
Information: Technical: Tshiamo Kwati, Tel: (015) 295 1800, Fax: 086 260 1328, E-mail: General: Rose Mulaudzi, Tel: (015) 295 1800, Fax: 086 260 1328, E-mail:
Closing date: 10 Jun 2019
Tags: Software, Integration


South African Revenue Service
Service providers are sought for IT and related courses (classroom training delivery).
Note: Bidders must note amendments to section 9.3.2 and section 9.3.6 of the main RFP document.
Tender no: RFP 67/ 2018 A
Information: Andre Taljaard, Tel: (012) 422 4078, E-mail:
Closing date: 16 May 2019
Tags: Services, Training


Electoral Commission
Supply and delivery of voter registration devices.
Tender no: IEC/ LG- 04/ 2017


Supply and configuration of two 100-TB storage area networks.
Tender no: MTK29/ 2018
Successful bidder: Sithabile Technology Services
Value: R1 901 124

KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority
TKZN intends to appoint a suitable service provider to supply, install, develop, configure and maintain the SAP Business One application system, including Microsoft SQL Server database.
Tender no: 04/ 2019
Successful bidder: Non award due to companies not meeting pre-qualification criteria.
Value: Not applicable

Department of the Premier, Western Cape
The procurement of contact centre services for the Western Cape government for a period of five years.
Tender no: FMA 0007- 2018-19
Successful bidder: Sizwe Africa IT Group (Pty) Ltd
Value: R5 235 514

Electoral Commission
Computer servers.
Tender no: 10392129
Successful bidder: Risc Technology Integration (Pty) Ltd
Value: R16 267 234

Photocopier machines for IEC local offices.
Tender no: 10380864
Successful bidder: Pearl Wood Trading (Pty) Ltd
Value: R1 300 000

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