Microsoft AI learns racism from Twitter

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In this week's Worldwide Wrap, Twitter users quickly imparted racist views into Microsoft's AI chatbot, and Facebook will soon alert users when they are being impersonated.

Microsoft AI learns racism from Twitter

Microsoft's attempt at getting millennials interested in artificial intelligence with Twitter chatbot Tay backfired as Twitter users taught it to spew racism.

Within hours of its launch, @TayandYou was alleging support for Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

Via: The Guardian

Facebook to warn victims of impersonation

Facebook is testing a feature that will warn the user if it suspects another user is impersonating them on the social network.

If Facebook detects a new profile with the same name and display picture as an existing profile, it will send the existing user an alert, asking them to identify whether the profile in question is maliciously impersonating them.

Via: Mashable

Smart plane aims to eliminate jetlag

A new aeroplane designed by Airbus aims to help users cope with impending jetlag by using coloured lighting to mimic the sunrise and sunset cycle of the time zone into which passengers are flying, helping their circadian rhythms to adjust in advance.

The Airbus A350 XWB will be equipped with coloured LED lights, which will be able to display 16.7 million different lighting combinations.

Source: Inhabitat

'Batplane' drone mimics flexible wings

Engineers at the University of Southampton have designed a flexible membrane wing for small drones.

The development is inspired by bats, whose wings give them more dexterity in the air.

Via: LiveScience

High-tech glove makes music from hand gestures

The Remidi T8 IOT glove, packed with sensors along its fingertips and palm, could soon allow users to compose and play music on the go using hand gestures.

The device is currently gathering crowd-funding via Kickstarter, and will be aimed at DJs, musicians, and music enthusiasts.

Via: LiveScience

VR pornography channel debuts on Pornhub

Pornography Web site Pornhub now allows its users to access VR pornography for free, provided they have an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard headset.

Many of the videos offer a 360-degree field of view, allowing users to view from any direction.

Via: Mashable

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