Free OnApp Cloud version unveiled

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Free OnApp Cloud version unveiled

Cloud player OnApp unveiled a free version of OnApp Cloud that service providers and enterprises can use to build and run their own public, private and hybrid clouds, Money Control reports.

The company claims it will offer the ability to turn commodity disks in low-cost servers into high-performance, fully redundant storage arrays at a fraction of the cost of more traditional SAN gear, CBR states.

"Storage is typically the biggest cost for a company deploying a public or private cloud, and it is also the most important component: if your SAN fails, people lose data," explains Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp.

"Our distributed storage model does away with the bottlenecks and scaling issues of traditional SANs - while keeping data safe - and doesn't require massive capital outlay on proprietary hardware."

The free version of OnApp Cloud can be installed on standard off-the-shelf hardware in just a few hours, Market Watch says.

It is supported through OnApp's new community forums, with a simple upgrade path for users who grow beyond the 16-core limit, or who require OnApp's 24/7 global support services.

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