Beat toll fees, petrol hikes with MWEB Business desktop virtual meetings

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Videoconferencing in South Africa is finally coming into its own, with the launch by MWEB Business of an easy-to-use, affordable, go anywhere, be anywhere, high quality virtual business meeting solution.

Powered by Vidyo, a leader in video communications, MWEB Business' affordable, high-end videoconferencing facility is accessible to all business people - employees, customers, suppliers and partners - on the computing device of their choice, regardless of their location.

"The days when only large organisations with huge budgets could reap the benefits of high-definition, low-latency, business-quality videoconferencing are over," says Kris Desmet, MWEB Business Head of Products.

"With rising petrol costs and soon-to-be-introduced toll fees, spending two or more hours battling one's way through traffic snarl-ups to get to a one-hour meeting is a totally unproductive waste of time and money. Desktop videoconferencing makes sense, which is why so many of us put up with the poor quality and unreliability of the popular peer-to-peer consumer video chat services. Now we no longer have to," he adds.

"For just R335 (incl VAT) per user per month, it's possible for businesses to offer their employees unprecedented flexibility with regard to the hours they work as well as where they work. Employees no longer all have to be in the same place at the same time to collaborate or brainstorm with each other."

In effect, Desmet explains, the introduction of MWEB Vidyo means any business person can have a spur-of-the-moment virtual business meeting with one or more participants spread across the city, country or the world.

"One participant could be at home, one in the office, another on a remote site and a fourth in a coffee shop in a foreign city, and they could hold a fully managed virtual meeting in exactly the same way as if they were all in the same room."

As part of MWEB Business' growing suite of cloud offerings, the MWEB Vidyo solution is hosted in MWEB Business' state-of-the-art, secure data centre from where it is accessed by participants using their every day PC, notebook or mobile device and an available broadband Internet connection.

There's no need to invest in expensive hardware and proprietary networks; nor is there any need to book a videoconferencing facility and schedule the meeting days in advance.

MWEB Vidyo is also suitable for businesses that already have an existing video room system as it can quickly and easily become an extension of that, enabling participants outside the old network to take part in the conversation too.

"The real power of this solution is its flexibility: if you need to chat to someone, you can do so - face-to-face, wherever, and whenever you like. It's taken videoconferencing to a whole new level," Desmet concludes.

MWEB Business

Founded in January 1998 as the business division of MWEB, MWEB Business provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of Internet access, cloud services, network support and voice services, to businesses of all sizes.

MWEB Business is dedicated to helping its business clients leverage the power of the Internet by providing a comprehensive solution for all their Internet needs, along with the expertise and skills to successfully implement this in their ventures.

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