Make your contact centre your epicentre for e-commerce

It can help build revenue as it offers business owners insights into what people do when they shop online, why, how, where and when.

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2019
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Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo
Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo

Many companies realise the opportunity in developing and leveraging their e-commerce prospects, but there is an even greater opportunity to make the contact centre the ‘central command’ behind e-commerce and bring this revenue-building stream into the customer experience line of fire.

This is according to Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo, a leading provider of ICT services and solutions within the multimedia contact centre and enterprise IP telephony space.

“We provide online tracking tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that can identify trends, deliver insights and offer preventative measures linked to various aspects of online shopping,” Reed says.

As an example, site-specific trends identified by AI and machine learning can predict potential cart abandonment, adds Reed.

“Our platform includes communication channels to assist with contacting the online user to mitigate the cart abandonment, resulting in increased revenue potential!”

According to Reed, if Genesys PureCloud is positioned as the contact centre platform, it automatically links to, and makes available, the PureCloud (AltoCloud) platform.

“E-commerce is the portal into the customer experience,” Reed continues. “As an e-commerce tool, AltoCloud products work inside PureCloud.”

So, what are the benefits for a company that is looking to leverage cloud, AI and machine learning to integrate with the customer experience and drive e-commerce?

There are several, says Reeds, including stopping the negative response or preventing no response, and being able to ascertain where people are on the Web site and why they are visiting a specific page.

“With AltoCloud we can see people’s journey and what they are doing. We can see trends and the time they are looking at something specific on our site. If they need agents, at what time do they need agents (it may not be traditional office hours), where are they looking and when do they need help,” says Reed.

The essence of this solution and technology is that it offers the business owner insight into what people do when they shop online, why, how, where and when. This is crucial information for the development and sustainability of an e-commerce offering.

“It’s about understanding traffic in and around your e-commerce portal. It’s about effective workforce management, utilising modules strategically and using the bundle’s functionality to monitor and track your e-commerce exploits. One of the value-adds to this technology is that its success can be measured, and there is an immediate ability to ascertain whether or not it is linking up with your business requirements, whether it is adding value to your e-commerce strategy and how. The proof is in the use,” says Reed.

Elingo is managing the process behind a Proof of Value for the integration of its platform at a well-known travel agency. So far, the agency is able to measure the value of each transaction, how many customers abandon their trolleys and what action can be taken.

Elingo invites the market to keep a lookout for further exciting developments and engage with the company to see how this technology can make a difference to your business.   

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