E-data Trading Solutions experiences phenomenal growth

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E-data Trading Solutions (Pty) Limited (ETS), a subsidiary of the first listed Internet-based company E-data Holdings Limited (E-data), has experienced phenomenal growth since being recently acquired by E-data.

ETS, based in Stellenbosch, has grown from 6 people to a task force of more than 25 people since its incorporation into E-data.

"We are currently concluding seven developmental contracts which consist of a variety of trading systems that will be implemented internationally across the Internet," says ETS Executive Director Sean Riley. "The most exciting prospect is an offshore contract currently in the UK that will allow ETS and E-data to exploit opportunities in Europe."

Commenting on the JSE`s recent postponement of the JET API, which was developed to facilitate true automated trading on the JSE, ETS` Financial Director Naude Jordaan says: "ETS has adapted well to this postponement. Our Web-based technology can be adapted to cater for trading any product, which until now has been shares on the stock market. However, any commodity can be traded across the Internet if approached correctly, including information itself."

E-data CEO James Stride concludes that he is very excited about the prospects for ETS and is confident that ETS will grow to be one of the foremost Internet-based technology development companies in the world.

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