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ZTE wins 2021 PMI (China) Outstanding Project Award for its P3 Project in Philippines

Shenzhen, China, 14 Jan 2022
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ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for mobile internet, today announced it has obtained the 2021 PMI (China) Outstanding Project Award with its P3 Project in the Philippines, which was the only overseas project recognised. 

Since its WT project was awarded in 2019, the company has won the award again in 2021, epitomising its project management capability has once again been recognised by the industry authorities and building a stronger brand image for its network services. 

DITO, established in 2019, is the third-largest operator in Philippines. It plans to build an advanced national mobile network to enhance its competitive capability in the country's telecommunications market and provide the local population with high-quality network services. Thus, ZTE, as one of the core equipment and EPC (engineering project construction) suppliers of DITO, was responsible for the construction, optimisation and maintenance of wireless stations and broadband transmission across 700 cities in Southern Luzon and Visayan, and data centres nationwide.

The P3 Project required high standards of engineering quality and complicated technology services within a tight engineering schedule. At the same time, there were many adverse factors and challenges in the process of the project implementation, such as frequent volcanic eruptions, typhoons, earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic among other things.

Regardless of such difficulties, the P3 Project team of ZTE has successfully completed the first phase construction of all base stations, optical cables and data centres after 18 months of hard work. The annual network deployment scale has set a new record in the local network construction, and the fastest network commercial use has been realised in the Philippines. The high-quality services of the project have gone beyond the customer's expectations and has been praised by the leaders of the customer group as "the ZTE team is an unbeatable team".

The P3 Project in the Philippines is one of the most representative projects of ZTE in the field of project management. Based on its project innovations and practices, ZTE has refined an innovative project management method, suitable for large-scale overseas turnkey network deployment projects, referred to as AMB (ability, method and business continuity management). The core of the method is to quickly utilise internal and external resources and build an excellent project team.

The method can be used to efficiently manage the core business of turnkey projects through digital tools and guarantee the stable service process based on the BCM mechanism and the innovative cloud-based network service model. Besides, the essence is to focus on the elements of "talent team, services and risks" of projects. The talent team is key, the management method is the core, and the BCM is the cornerstone.

In the practice of the P3 Project, in terms of team capability improvement, ZTE quickly assembled the company's global elites and integrated high-quality partner resources at the initial stage of the project implementation. In terms of innovative management method, the iEPMS (Intelligent Engineering Project Management System) was adopted to achieve an end-to-end full-process business integration. Furthermore, the application of many other innovative management methods, such as multi-dimensional plan management, internal-oriented quality management and pyramid cost control model combined with the characteristics of turnkey projects, greatly improved the efficiency of project management.

In addition, the project team has implemented dynamic incentive mechanism and BCM to ensure continuous services in adverse situations of disasters and pandemic. The cloud-based network service model has also advanced network deployment under the pandemic.

"The DITO network deployment project in the Philippines is of great significance to enhance the local communication infrastructure construction and boost the development of the digital economy." Sun Fangping, Senior Vice-President of ZTE, said: "Moving forward, ZTE will continue to deepen co-operation with DITO to help accelerate the digital transformation in the Philippines."

To date, PMI is the world's leading project management association. The PMI (China) Project Management Award was established in 2010 to recognise the achievements of outstanding organisations in the field of project management and speed up the development of best practices in project management in China.

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