Use iPad or iPhone to capture bar codes

Johannesburg, 21 Jul 2011
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The Opticon OPN2002 Bluetooth data collector can now also connect directly to an iPad or iPhone for added versatility.

This small lightweight device, approximately the size of a matchbox and weighing less than 30 grams, can store more than 25 000 bar codes with date stamp.

Two profiles are available for data transmission via Bluetooth to the hosting device. The SPP profile allows the user to use a data-loading tool and configure some Bluetooth transmission settings. For direct transmission without using any tools, the HID profile will fit the immediate wireless transfer needs. On occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables cabled data transfer to any USB device.

Operating the device is easy and straightforward. Users need only push a trigger key or a reset key to control mistakes. It is programmable and allows for storage or removal of bar code scans.

Operating battery time is approximately seven hours, and data retention time is approximately 72 hours. It can be charged using a USB cable or a docking device.

These features allow it to be taken everywhere. A handy neck strap can be used, or it can fit into a pocket. Use in the healthcare industry includes homecare registration, activity reporting, wireless data transport and real-time data transfer. Another very popular industry where it is used is warehouse management and inventory control and ordering.

The bottom line is a low price, which allows for true cost saving applications. The OPN2001 without Bluetooth is also available at an even lower price, to be used for less demanding requirements.

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