Staying connected through Fixed LTE from Standard Bank Mobile

Lee Ramsden: Head Sales and Distribution of Standard Bank Mobile

Johannesburg, 08 Oct 2021
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Mobile phones and devices play a larger role in peoples’ lives than ever before. The COVID-19 outbreak has increased our reliance on smart devices, which are used to conduct almost every daily activity – from finding entertainment, to organising meetings and schedules, to keeping in touch with friends and family and colleagues. This has also resulted in exponential increases in demand for data and internet access.

Standard Bank Mobile is excited to introduce Fixed LTE to its product portfolio. Lee Ramsden, Head Sales and Distribution of Standard Bank Mobile, explains: “We focus heavily on offering reliable and affordable connections, hence this addition to our product suite. Fixed LTE allows for a data connection without the physical fibre infrastructure, but still offers the benefit of a high-speed data connection. It is important to us that our customers are connected, provided with products that allow them to be digitally enabled, easy to install and also allow for easy top-up and management through our website. We are especially proud to be the first to market with an LTE product from a bank.”

Standard Bank bases its packaged offers on an amount of data per month, including a router (a sim only service will be added soon). 

If customers run out of data, they can top up with recurring or once-off bundles.

The introduction of new ways of working saw an increase in the demand for strong, reliable and affordable connectivity, demanding a constant ability to be fully functional while away from formal business structures. Fixed LTE from Standard Bank Mobile offers Standard Bank customers a subsidised router and data. Data allocations vary depending on which bank account you hold. Customers can also top up their data with recurring or once-off data bundles depending on their needs. 

“We are able to offer customers an opportunity to purchase devices for less, to access affordable and even, in some cases, free data – simply for banking with us! Giving back value to individuals who choose to bank with us,” Ramsden concludes.

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