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ATEN launches DVI Dual-View KVMP switches for users needing professional quality multimedia transmission

Perfect solution for graphic designers, financial consultants, medical specialists and video gamers.

Taipei, Taiwan, 07 Aug 2009
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ATEN International, a leading designer, manufacturer and reseller of cutting-edge communications solutions, announced the launch of innovative 2- and 4-port USB 2.0 DVI Dual-View KVMP switches as part of its CubiQ series. The CS1642/CS1644 combines a 2/4-port KVM switch with a 2-port USB 2.0 Hub, at the same time provides dual-screen support for two high resolution dual link displays, making it ideal for graphic designers, banking and finance consultants, medial applications, and gamers.

The CS1642/CS1644 provides access to two or four dual-screen enabled computers via a console with USB keyboard, USB mouse, and two monitors. With a built-in two-port USB 2.0 hub, users can easily expand and share their peripherals among the computers connected to the KVM switch. The CS1642 and CS1644 are compliant with DVI specifications and HDCP. Both models support superior video resolution up to 2560 x 1600 (DVI Dual Link). The leading Video DynaSync function ensures automated video resolution optimisation. CS1642 and CS1644 also support 2.1 channel surround sound systems for a rich sound experience.

For many people, striving to achieve the highest amount of productivity from their computing resources is a never ending goal. It's a fact that multi-display workstations make life a lot easier when dealing with everyday applications such as office programs, graphics, etc. This explains the workplace trend sweeping through mainstream PC users everywhere - to multiple displays.

"ATEN's DVI Dual-View KVMP switches deliver ideal multi-computer control for cutting-edge multimedia capabilities and computer environments requiring true high-definition capabilities. Designed with professional users, power users and high-end gamers in mind, CS1642 and CS1644 feature Dual Link DVI and dual view technology. With a built-in in USB 2.0 hub for peripheral sharing, both products are ideal for integrated desktop multimedia applications where high and ultra-high video resolutions are demanded," said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.

The newly designed user-friendly control panel allows users to independently and easily switch KVM, USB peripheral and audio focus by using the Mode and Port Selection Pushbuttons. In addition, the LED status panel contains icons that light to indicate mode and port status. The Mode and Port Selection Pushbuttons each have three corresponding LED icons that represent KVM, USB and audio status. Users can listen to sound files on one PC, while working with the applications, controlling USB peripherals or playing a video game on another system.

The CS1642 / CS1644 offer latest keyboard- and mouse-emulation technologies to ensure seamless start-up and real-time connections. The bypass feature ensures compatibility with all multifunction mouse drivers. The new DVI Dual-View KVMP switches are compatible with all major operating systems (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, Sun and FreeBSD).

Availability and pricing:

ATEN's CS1642 and CS1644 switches are already available now. The 2- and 4-port models are competitively priced. For more information, please contact Falcon Electronics (Tel: +27-11-630-1000, e-mail:,

KVM Switches

A KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch is an advanced, hardware-based solution that allows centralised access to multiple computers easily and conveniently from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A KVM switch is useful in an extensive range of environments, suitable for SOHO users, small and medium businesses, and large corporations. Fundamentally, a KVM switch allows server rooms and data centres to optimise rack space in the IT environment, reducing costs and the clutter of keyboards, monitors and mice.

Additional benefits include savings in energy consumption, server racks, cabinets, and floor space. Since a KVM switch provides access to a number of computers from a central location, IT professionals are no longer running from one server to the next, thereby streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. To meet the ever-developing needs of the globalised economy and the Internet, KVM solutions now have over-IP functionality for remote management capability that better fulfils the demands of corporations who need to manage multiple server rooms worldwide.


ATEN International Co is specialised in connectivity solutions in information technology. Established in 1979, ATEN is today considered the leading manufacturer of KVM Switches worldwide. This prominent position was reached by continuously high investment in research and development, resulting in numerous patents and exemplified by the sophisticated ASIC, developed in the ATEN labs and manufactured by ATEN. The product range today covers hundreds of connectivity products, providing complete KVM solutions from entry level to the enterprise market. Among the customers of ATEN are large companies with global operations, midrange and small businesses, as well as ambitious private users. For further information, please visit

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