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Scale Computing answers SA availability, cost challenges

Johannesburg, 26 Aug 2020
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Jaco Delport
Jaco Delport

Scale Computing’s hyperconverged solutions address the challenges being experienced by South African organisations, from large companies to SMMEs and NGOs. This was the message from a webinar hosted by Scale Computing in partnership with ITWeb last week.

Jaco Delport, regional sales manager MEA, Italy and Iberia, says: “For SMMEs and NGOs, the cost of licensing and support, plus the complexity of managing infrastructure, can be challenging. Our solution reduces cost and complexity, with one competitive licensing model including all features and the same level of support for any size cluster.”

For large enterprises, Scale Computing’s solution offers a compelling value proposition in terms of availability, simplicity pricing, he said.  The company's HC3 and HyperCore architecture were designed to provide highly available, scalable compute and storage services while maintaining operational simplicity through highly intelligent software automation and architecture simplification. 

Furthermore, Scale HC3 Edge is one of the leading platforms for volume Edge Computing. Saving dramatically on RAM and processing resources, and enabling automated implementation and Web-based management from a single pain of glass, it provides the lowest TCO in the industry, whether its implemented at tens or thousands of sites, said Delport

The HC3 self-healing platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects problems in the infrastructure in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime even when local IT resources and staff are scarce.

Instead of treating storage, servers, virtualisation, and management as different data centre silos, Scale Computing brings them together in one comprehensive system with automated management.

Scale Computing HC3 software eliminates the need for traditional IT silos of virtualisation software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage, replacing these with a fully integrated, highly available platform for running applications.

Using an appliance-based approach to virtualisation, the HC3 infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and can scale seamlessly. Even in an emergency with the failure of hardware components or entire appliances, HC3 infrastructure keeps critical apps up and running.

“Scale Computing provides a ridiculously cost effective, reliable and simple solution,” Delport said.

Highlighting Scale Computing’s HC3250DF, Delport said the solutions was built for performance-intensive use cases such as databases and VDI, offering faster storage at up to 76.8TB NVMe raw storage per node, faster networking at 25GbE networking support, and more processing – with dual Intel Gold scalable processors with up to 52 cores per node.

Speaking ahead of the webinar, Johan Pellicaan, VP EMEA at Scale Computing, said Scale Computing addressed the problems faced by small, medium and large enterprises around the world: “They need to do more with less money, providing a better functioning and more secure IT infrastructure to support business needs.”

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