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Do not plan your 2022 without seeing what Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms devices can offer your business

Johannesburg, 29 Oct 2021
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With video catch-ups now often being preferred to face-to-face meetings, investing in the best video conferencing solution for your business is likely to be high on your priority list. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams but haven’t yet embraced its video capabilities, Microsoft Teams Rooms can help to expand meetings beyond the desktop and instead create productive, collaborative meeting rooms.

Join us for the Kathea & Microsoft ‘Plug In’ Roadshow where we will be showcasing how Microsoft Teams Rooms – in conjunction with Jabra, Logitech, Poly and Yealink – is able to bridge the gap between in-person and remote attendees, whether they are working in small, medium or large meeting spaces.

Register to attend our Roadshow in Durban, Cape Town, or Johannesburg

Kathea and Microsoft partnership

Kathea proudly represents some of the top brands in the communication, collaboration, audio visual and workspace technology arenas. We offer high value-add brand representation with deep skills and service competence, combined with efficient distribution to over 800 partners.

As a testament to this, we are thrilled to announce that Microsoft has appointed Kathea as the sole Microsoft Teams Rooms Disti Champ in South Africa. With our combined sales and technical skills, we are passionate about assisting our partners and their clients on their journey to deploying and managing their Microsoft Teams experience.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

In a world where businesses are having to constantly adapt, having the right video meeting equipment can allow you to continue operating as normally as possible when it comes to meetings.

This year so far has seen a growth in demand for video-enabled collaboration spaces, making it more accessible for companies to work cohesively even from remote locations. Even beyond the global pandemic, many businesses are looking towards permanent remote working and much more flexible solutions.

This has facilitated a need for the right tools to enable a complete meeting room experience, whether you are in the same room or various locations. Microsoft Teams Rooms is one such system that can help you achieve this within your business.


  • Easy user adoption

Easily start or join a meeting, share ideas and content, and allow people to meet without distractions.

  • Easy-to-schedule meetings

Schedule a meeting in Outlook, hit the Teams Meeting button and simply add your chosen meeting room like you would a colleague.

  • Whiteboard integration

Whiteboard integration in Microsoft Teams enables participants of Teams meetings to collaborate together on a shared digital canvas.

  • Proximity detection

Your Microsoft Teams app has a proximity sensor that detects available rooms nearby. View these spaces at a glance on your mobile, add the room to your meeting and you are ready to go.

  • One-touch meeting and call controls

Start every meeting with one click, just tap the ‘Join Meeting’ button on the room control panel and you are good to go.

  • Meeting room capacity notifications

Help keep meeting spaces safe. Get an alert from Microsoft Teams Rooms when a room is at capacity.

We foresee that the future of work will be fluid, dynamic and cloud-powered. With experiences that allow people to be there, from anywhere, at any time. With meetings you can join seamlessly, that bring us together, that are inclusive, where every voice is heard and everyone clearly represented.

We see a future where meetings are immersive and spaces are designed around people, bringing everyone together around the same virtual table, even if they’re not in the room. With dynamic meeting views that keep everyone connected to the content and each other. Where formal presentations are paired with collaborative chats, digital canvases unleash group creativity, and everyone can connect face to face wherever they are.

Our vision for meetings is grounded in a simple belief that they should offer so much more than just a one-time transaction. Meetings of the future will be designed for everyone, whether they’re in the room or across the world.

Do not plan your 2022 without seeing what Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Teams Rooms can offer your business.

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