LG switches it up with swivelling smartphone

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The new LG Wing can switch between basic and swivel mode.
The new LG Wing can switch between basic and swivel mode.

LG Electronics yesterday unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, which features a front pop-up camera and can switch between basic and swivel mode.

The LG Wing 5G-enabled device is the South Korean company’s first smartphone under its Explorer Project.

LG describes the smartphone’s swivel dual-screen mode as a “revolutionary” form factor, adding the device is completely different from any other smartphone on the market.

The LG Wing has three rear cameras – a 64MP ultra-high-resolution OIS wide, 12MP ultra-wide big pixel and 13MP wide. It also enables dual recording in swivel mode by using the 32MP pop-up camera and one of the phone’s rear cameras simultaneously.

“Users can switch seamlessly between basic mode and swivel mode any time to enjoy an expanded and truly differentiated user experience,” says the company.

“In swivel mode, the entire front of the phone rotates clockwise 90 degrees, orienting the main screen in landscape mode to reveal a 3.9-inch second screen that unlocks new usability and new possibilities to explore – a single application can be expanded to both screens or two applications can be displayed simultaneously, one on each display.

“Viewing video-sharing and streaming platforms in swivel mode allows users to interact with the second screen while content plays uninterrupted on the main screen.

“Users can watch their favourite movies in all their widescreen glory while searching for information about their favourite actors or discussing the movie via chat with friends. For extra convenience, the multi-app feature allows users to create shortcuts for pairs of apps they typically use together.”

The LG Wing, which will be available in aurora grey and illusion sky, will also feature a Gimbal motion camera, to provide the stability needed to capture clearer shots and smooth video footage in horizontal mode with one hand.

The new device also comes with the LG creator’s kit, a collection of advanced imaging solutions including time-lapse control, voice bokeh and ASMR recording.

Speaking during the online launch event, Andrew Coughlin, department leader of LG Electronics UK, said smartphones have far surpassed consumers’ expectations.

“As we’ve hit peak smartphone…your expectations and desires for something new and different, and something fresh has increased, especially in the 5G era.

“As we look for ways to address these expectations, we’ve launched the Explorer Project – an initiative from LG Mobile − that aims to breathe new life into what makes a smartphone, to envision what it ought to be and to design what it should be by closely examining the user experience and breaking from the routine smartphone form factors.

“The Explorer Project imagines different approaches to the existing premium smartphones that all look and function the same.”

“LG Wing ushers in a new era of mobile discovery and is an exciting beginning to our Explorer Project initiative,” added Morris Lee, president of LG’s Mobile Communications Company. “Different than anything else on the market today, this innovative device challenges the industry status quo and provides consumers with a new mobile experience that will open up new ways to think about the smartphone.”

LG has not provided the selling price for its newest smartphone, but says it will initially launch in South Korea starting next month, to be followed by key markets in North America and Europe.

LG Wing specifications:

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

Display: 6.8-inch main screen and 3.9-inch second screen

Memory: 8GB RAM / 128GB or 256GB ROM with microSD

Rear camera: 64MP / 13MP ultra-wide / 12MP ultra-wide big pixel

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 4 000mAh

OS: Android 10.0

Size: 169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9mm

Weight: 260g

Network: 3G / 4G LTE-A / 5G

Others: Gimbal motion camera, AI CAM, Google Lens, Google Assistant, dual recording, in-display fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and LG Pay

To view an unboxing of the LG Wing, click here.

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