Openserve connects more SA homes through prepaid

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Local network infrastructure wholesale provider Openserve has introduced its Web Connect and Prepaid Connect fibre offerings to give customers the option to make flexible payments on fibre connectivity packages.

The Telkom-owned fibre network operator bills itself as SA’s largest wholesale telecommunications infrastructure provider.

It offers wholesale products and services to other licensed telecoms service providers through an open access network, which covers more than 2.4 million households locally with fibre, either directly to the home or to the cabinet.

According to a statement,Openserve’s Prepaid Connect offerscustomers a way to pay for a home fibre internet connection upfront, with no contracts or credit checks. Customers only pay for connectivity when they need to connect. The prepaid data bundles can be used for homes in underserved areas, providing an affordable alternative for internet connectivity.

Openserve chief commercial officer Phila Dube explains: “Prepaid Connect provides households with the flexibility of how and when they pay for internet access. This is just one of the ways Openserve is making fibre more accessible, whilst creating a customised experience and giving customers more options to choose from.”

The Prepaid Connect internet-only service can be ordered on the Openserve website or via that of an internet service provider partner network.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for internet connectivity, as more South Africans took to online services, remote working and e-learning.

While the number of connected homes in SA continues to grow, there is still a vast amount of underserved areas.

Web Connect is part of Openserve's expanding national fibre deployment, backed by a national and international IP network. It is an end-to-end fibre solution provided at speeds of 10Mbps or 20Mbps, exclusively to Openserve clients who on-sell the product to their customers.

It provides end-users with access to uncapped fibre and is best suited for customers who use the internet for basic browsing purposes.

“Through continuous innovative product development, as Openserve, we want to increase fibre connectivity rates across South Africa, especially in parts of our country that are underserved. By providing affordable fibre through Web Connect, we can connect more homes, giving access to seamless connectivity at a minimal cost,” says Dube.

As part of its strategy to connect more South Africans to its network, Openserve says it has continued to revamp its service and fulfilment model, by launching multiple digital platforms, such as the Openserve Connect App that allows customers to engage, trouble-shoot connectivity issues and utilise self-service features while on the Openserve network.

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