ACCPAC premieres pure Web solution for mid-market business management

Johannesburg, 28 Aug 2001
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ACCPAC International, a subsidiary of Computer Associates, recently unveiled the industry's first comprehensive Web-based business management solution for mid-market enterprises with the release of ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0.

The announcement came during Partnership 2001, ACCPAC's annual Partner conference that draws ACCPAC Solution Providers, Certified Consultants and Development Partners from around the world.

ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0 delivers significant cost of ownership reductions for mid-market organisations by fully exploiting Web technologies. The software's advanced architecture provides users with intuitive, browser-based access to business information, whenever and wherever necessary. By leveraging the inherent power and flexibility of the Internet for distributing applications all over the world, Advantage Series 5.0 enables easier integration and more flexible configuration.

Compared with traditional client-server applications, the new design improves an organisation's bottom line by reducing deployment, maintenance and training costs. Advantage Series 5.0 installs on a single server for more convenient and cost-effective configuration. Regardless of the number of users or remote sites, mid-market enterprises gain the advantage of centralised deployment, which reduces installation expense. Avoiding code on the client also means sharply reduced maintenance and support costs over time.

Beyond providing browser-based access, ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0 has also become the first mid-market accounting software to support the leading commercial databases, including IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle 8i and 9i, Microsoft SQL Server, Computer Associates Ingres II and Pervasive.SQL 2000. Enhancing the breadth of relational database support for Advantage Series 5.0 reduces operational costs by allowing clients their choice of supporting network and server platforms.

ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0 is also the first mid-market accounting solution to embrace Microsoft's .NET vision of Web deployment, providing secure browser-based access to the entire system. In addition, Advantage Series is the first mid-market accounting solution to be fully SOAP-enabled (Simple Object Access Protocol). By integrating SOAP-design elements into this new release, ACCPAC has greatly simplified the task of seamlessly integrating Web-based mission-critical business management applications with one another, using XML as a universal language.

"Delivering the power and the benefits of the Internet to mid-sized enterprises in a non-disruptive and cost-effective solution is one of the most important challenges in software provisioning, today," says Richard Villars, Vice President of Internet and eCommerce research at IDC.

"Products like ACCPAC's Advantage Series that provide 'anytime anywhere' Internet access to mid-size companies' accounting systems while accommodating the installed databases that they depend upon, will play a critical role in boosting e-business."

ACCPAC Advantage Series allows mid-market customers to customise virtually any screen to fit a company's specific operational processes. Clients can easily modify Advantage Series components without altering the program's business logic.

"This new release is a milestone in the evolution of mid-market accounting software and a tribute to the advanced design of the Advantage Series architecture," adds Jeremy Waterman, managing director of ACCPAC Africa.

"ACCPAC clients and partners are free to choose from virtually any of the leading commercial databases and conduct back office business management from a browser."

The Web-ready Advantage Series System Manager includes an integrated bundle of Web-based data processing and reporting functions for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Order Entry and Inventory Control. The solution is available immediately through authorised ACCPAC Advantage Series partners.

Current ACCPAC clients can easily upgrade to Version 5.0 by contacting their ACCPAC business partner directly. To locate an ACCPAC business partner, call ACCPAC Africa on 803 7327.

Advantage Series


ACCPAC Advantage Series, in use by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, includes a complete set of accounting and operations modules to suit any business, regardless of size, industry or functional requirements, and is available in four distinct editions: Discovery, Small Business, Corporate and Enterprise.

All Advantage Series editions are built on a single, open, multi-tiered architecture providing complete investment protection by allowing businesses to expand their operations, upgrading from one edition to the next, with minimal additional training and complete preservation of all existing data, as well as any customised screens or reports.

ACCPAC Advantage Series is an integral component of ACCPAC's complete line of end-to-end e-business solutions that address all aspects of modern business.



ACCPAC International, Inc, a subsidiary of Computer Associates, empowers medium-sized enterprises through a broad range of end-to-end e-business solutions designed to enhance competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Award-winning product lines include ACCPAC Advantage Series (Enterprise Edition, Corporate Edition, Small Business Edition and Discovery Edition), ACCPAC Executive Series, ACCPAC Pro Series, ACCPAC eTransact, ACCPAC eCRM, ACCPAC Warehouse Management System, Simply Accounting, FAXserve and Simply BitWare.

Based in Pleasanton, California, US, with offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, SA and the UK, ACCPAC has more than 500 000 registered clients and 5 000 business partners in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit ACCPAC at and



ACCPAC International acquired LA Technology, its sole distributor in sub-Saharan Africa, in June last year. ACCPAC Africa operates through select business partners throughout the continent. These partners are trained to install and support ACCPAC for the company's more than 15 000 customers.

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