WiSolar embarks on solar energy school awareness programme

The company's clean energy initiative, Solar Scholar, aims to inspire children to use clean electricity and, ultimately, help communities to become solar smart.

Johannesburg, 23 Mar 2017
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WiSolar, a leading renewable energy company in Gauteng, has embarked on an initiative to promote solar energy awareness in SA. The clean energy initiative, Solar Scholar, is currently in its first phase, with company representatives having started to visit educational institutions across the country to educate staff and students about clean energy in homes.

According to WiSolar, the initiative aims to inspire children behind a common goal: clean electricity.

“Schools, colleges and universities are the beating hearts of our communities. Now they can also be part of a campaign that teaches them how solar energy works so they can help make renewable energy an everyday experience for us all. Students have the opportunity to make a pledge to practise clean electricity and at the end of the day, they receive certificates that proudly say: 'I am Solarwise',” said a WiSolar spokesperson.

As part of the campaign, WiSolar is also developing an online platform that educational institutions can use to register on the Solar Scholar programme. The online platform can also be used by students to register and submit ideas on solar energy.

WiSolar chose the month of March, which is recognised as Energy Month, to roll out the Solar Scholar campaign.

“Plenty of electricity users don’t even know that solar energy is a clean alternative source of electricity and works even with daylight, and is not a function of hot or cold weather,” said Tonye Irims, founder and executive director of WiSolar.

WiSolar’s dual-energy electricity system was designed so property need not rely on just fossil fuel energy (utility) electricity but also on renewable energy electricity in a 20/80 ratio, respectively, and in some months will eliminate the need by homeowners for pre-paid or post-paid utility electricity altogether, using only electricity from a cheap renewable source. That investment promises to add tangible value to homes and housing developments.

“Our ultimate goal is help communities become solar smart. Many people imagine residential solar energy systems as something primarily available only in urban areas but this is not true. Rural communities can also benefit from solar energy. The Solar Scholar campaign will help make this a reality. In the weeks to come, we will be introducing Lesedi, the WiSolar mascot. Little schoolchildren will learn about a serious subject in a fun way. The mascot is named Lesedi, which means ‘light’ in Setswana,” said a WiSolar spokesperson.


WiSolar is a division of Manteecorp (Pty) Ltd and a member of the Wi-Group of companies providing cheaper and cleaner electricity to the residential and commercial sector of South Africa. Installations are typically completed in 1-2 days.

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