IoT.nxt project in USA schools active at year-end

Johannesburg, 14 Dec 2018
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Jason Bradlee, COO of IoT.nxt Americas
Jason Bradlee, COO of IoT.nxt Americas

Energy cost savings are already being realised at several of 50 schools in Florida, USA, that chose IoT.nxt's solution to deliver energy optimisation and reduce consumption. Since installation started in September, some schools where the technology is fully activated and running have reported savings of up to 15%.

"The roll-out is progressing well and we expect to have all 50 schools running the IOT solution by the end of the year. We are very encouraged by the results already achieved and on the back of that have been approached by four more states in the USA to introduce similar projects around energy management," says Jason Bradlee, COO of IoT.nxt Americas.

"Many building management operations use pre-set systems to switch energy facilities on and off at particular, fixed times in order to reduce consumption. Using IOT strategies allow building managers to dynamically effect optimal usage inside a building. The IOT technology makes it possible to take various factors, for instance, occupancy and ambient external temperature, into account to intelligently adjust energy used to change the temperature in a building or to purify the air. This way consumption is optimised, which delivers significant cost savings," says IoT.nxt CEO Nico Steyn.

"The potential for expansion in the USA is very big and, in addition to the school's energy efficiency projects, we are exploring 35 other opportunities in the SA across all sectors. These include opportunities with communication companies, large and small, systems integrators, platform providers and product companies, as well as partnerships with the likes of Deloitte and Dell," Bradlee says.

"IOT is a multitrillion-dollar global industry. It really is the next revolution. If you look at the areas of digitisation in the future, IOT will play a huge role. Some statistics and trend reports have indicated that companies are likely to spend 50% of their entire IT budgets on IOT solutions in the next five years," Bradlee added.

Bradlee expects strong growth for IoT.nxt in the USA as the company's offering is unlike the majority of IOT solution providers currently rolling out projects. "IoT.nxt has real distinction around IOT technology. There are many point-to-point IOT offerings, but no other company can leverage existing infrastructure, which means no new capital investment is required. This is a significant differentiator."

According the Bradlee, the company will use a partnership strategy to drive its growth in the Americas. "We cannot employ the number of people we will need to make progress on the projects currently in development."

IoT.nxt operates its head office from Centurion in South Africa, opened its European operations with an office in The Hague in 2017, and now has an office in Dallas, Texas and a satellite operation in Tampa, Florida in the USA. Team members from South Africa are currently in the US to support the schools roll-out process, but in addition to Bradlee, are supported by a US-based project manager in Tampa.

IoT.nxt's unique technology stack bridges the gap between all protocols in the industrial ecosystem, creating a single integration/translation point. Its patented Raptor gateway allows organisations to retrofit all existing legacy systems with no rip and replace. A powerful data abstraction model further translates anything and everything from the edge, supporting a true subscription-based big data model. IoT.nxt is the enterprise solution category winner and overall winner of the MTN Business IoT Award 2017.

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