Workonline opens routes for ZEOP

Preferred IP transit provider appointed by ZEOP

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2021
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Workonline Communications, the fastest growing and largest IP transit provider in Africa, has been awarded the IP transit provider contract by ZEOP, one of the services consortia members of METISS, the subsea fibre-optic cable system connecting the Indian Ocean Islands to South Africa.

METISS, which is an acronym for MElting poT Indianoceanic Submarine System, is headed by a consortium of operators from multiple countries including ZEOP, Canal+ Télécom, CEB Fibernet, Emtel, SRR (SFR) and Telma. The METISS cable is about 3 200km in length and has a capacity of 24Tbps. The implementation cost was around EUR50 million, with an operational lifespan of 25 years.

ZEOP is the third of the consortia members to select Workonline for IP transit. METISS was established to boost internet connectivity and speeds, using points between Mauritius and South Africa to improve regional interconnection. The cable was commissioned in March 2021. It now provides new low-latency routes for content distribution networks and ensures faster and more reliable access to digital resources for the Indian Ocean Islands.

Frédéric Le Boterve, deputy director general of ZEOP, commented on the appointment of Workonline. “Workonline’s international internet backbone of highly interconnected points of presence offered the best footprint to match the low latency targets we are seeking. We wanted to ensure that we have the best locally and internationally peered partner to optimise our latency to key locations in the world and improve our customers' experience in Reunion Island.”

Workonline’s capacity as the largest and fastest growing IP transit provider in Africa provides ZEOP the flexibility and the support required from a technical IP partner in Africa and ensures them of leading ISP status on Reunion Island.

Head of Business Development from Workonline Group, Benjamin Deveaux, commented on the company’s appointment as preferred supplier to the consortium: “We’re pleased to be recognised by another leading player in the region as the best IP transit provider. This confirms our belief, through a robust internet ecosystem, we can help accelerate quality access and connectivity for individuals and societies across the Indian Ocean region. It’s wonderful to know that we’re playing our part in improving the connection between Africa and her neighbours, and people can connect, learn, trade or transact better together because of this.”

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