SA’s AI, fintech firm leads the way at groundbreaking fintech event in Berlin

iiDentifii demonstrating its revolutionary digital identity recognition technology at this event puts the company on the fintech map of who’s who.

Johannesburg, 17 Feb 2020
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iiDentifii, SA’s very own leading-edge company, has been invited to demonstrate its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) development for thousands of leaders in the field at Finovate, Berlin, this month.

iiDentifii provides a secure and user-friendly technology platform that authenticates physical identities in a connected world. And the company is on a mission to stop identity fraud by making seamless identity authentication accessible to everyone, everywhere, on any mobile device.

Gur Geva, the co-CEO of leading digital authentication company iiDentifii, not only represented iiDentifii at this year’s Finovate event in Berlin, Germany, which took place from 11 to 13 February 2020, he was also invited to demonstrate the company's cutting-edge remote digital biometric identity authentication before thousands of fintech innovators.

“Our identity authentication platform has the benefit of the largest sample size of facial biometric data in southern Africa. The platform maintains this lead via its AI algorithms and embedded deep learning engines. This is well-positioned for the country's drive to support locally developed entrepreneurial innovations that are fourth industrial revolution ready,” says Geva.

With world-renowned companies such as Mastercard and Microsoft being represented at this prestigious event,  iiDentifii demonstrating its revolutionary digital identity recognition technology not only puts the company on the fintech map of who’s who, it also allows many leading innovators to see the talent, ingenuity and trendsetting innovators that come from our beloved SA.

The team at  iiDentifii have been working on their digital identity recognition technology for a number of years and have just recently taken the South African market by storm, yet this is not the sort of innovation that our borders can contain. Within a number of months,  iiDentifii has some of its newest clients spread across the globe, including leading banks in South America and Asia, while keeping its eye on relevant emerging markets.

ICT industry renowned leader BCX refers to the team at iiDentifii as ground-breaking innovators in the sphere of identity verification technology, specifically with proof of liveness of a remote individual.

BCX's head of product portfolio, Shaheen Vawda, states that iiDentifii is the leading South African-owned company that has proven to develop the most accurate face match and secure proof-of-life technology.

This is not only an industry win but also a massive achievement with regard to inventive developments coming from SA, and iiDentifii’s long list of awards is testament to this.

This South African born and bred initiative is not only to be enjoyed by the great minds in the industry but is also helping to future-proof companies across various industries, as well as across the globe. iiDentifii’s groundbreaking, remote, digital, biometric identity authentication process is user-friendly and frictionless on any device, from anywhere. Its deep learning system has resulted in a simple solution which plugs into existing devices and platforms, allowing it to be both flexible and cost-effective.

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