Increase the ROI of your operations with contact centre solutions for remote work

Johannesburg, 11 Dec 2020
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Remote agents are a growing figure in the contact centre industry. This is why the implementation of contact centre solutions for remote work has become an essential ally that improves the ROI of operations, guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty, and undoubtedly increases productivity, both of agents and services. Turning work from anywhere into a safe, efficient and profitable option.

In the past 10 years, teleworking has gained 91% in popularity and, by 2030, it is estimated that the demand for teleworking will increase by 30%. This has greatly influenced the adoption of cloud solutions and tools that facilitate the execution of remote operations.

It is in this way that remote work in the contact centre is possible. Thanks to the technology and tools that exist and that allow for the proper management of remote operations. If, on the other hand, the management and control tools necessary to carry out teleworking successfully are not available, this can even lead to the loss of business opportunities. And we don’t want that!

Simplify the work of remote agents

In order to offer a unique service to meet your customers’ expectations, and, above all, to optimise your agents’ activities, it is important for companies to implement innovative contact centre software that adapts to your specific needs.

An all-in-one platform is based on a global, complete and unified solution for the contact centre. With specific solutions such as:

  • Business intelligence;
  • Quality and analytics;
  • Team management;
  • Video channel; and
  • Gamification.

How does an all-in-one solution facilitate the daily activities of remote agents?

This tool makes it possible, among many other things, to maintain the history of all your customers’ interactions so that the agents who take your case can have the ability to best focus on your situation, providing you with previous contact information and business knowledge guidance.

Likewise, it is possible for any agent in the contact centre to access it from anywhere, even from home, offering greater flexibility and business continuity from a distance.

It also offers the ability and flexibility to guide agents through the best and most successful approach to help customers during the interaction. It is the opportunity to ensure that the right agents, with the right knowledge, are in the right place at the right time, to provide meaningful customer contact that increases satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

That is why having an all-in-one solution, with a set of fully integrated modules, covering the most demanding needs of management, automation, omni-channel and quality, will allow you to guarantee the success of operations. Therefore, it is a powerful and flexible tool that enables companies to optimise continuously and agile, facilitating the activities of agents and simplifying operations.

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Advantages of an all-in-one solution for remote work

  • Modular technology and adaptability

Allows the contact centre platform to be converted into a highly flexible and dynamic environment. The different modules that make up the solution have a set of functionalities that are completely integrated with the rest of the elements, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns by 15%.

  • Increase in productivity:

This solution allows you to identify, analyse and respond to the needs experienced by the entire operation through an extremely modular and complete solution. It increases agent productivity by 40%, increases broadcast campaign productivity by 70%, and increases service productivity by 25%.

  • Increase in quality:

Allows efficient approach to quality management. Providing information and specific tools that guarantee a high level of control of the services managed by the contact centre. In other words, it optimises execution and programming resources by 50%.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction:

Allowing to offer an agile and integral experience, reducing by 20% the abandonment of calls and increasing the volume of useful contacts.

Increase the ROI of your remote contact centre with an all-in-one solution

Undoubtedly, now your main priority is to offer quality service with a single management platform that allows you to have the highest possible return on investment. And more so now, where remote agents have become more and more protagonists and perhaps you have found it difficult to control and monitor KPIs in a timely manner.

This is why it is important to help in this process:

  • To be able to manage all your customer service channels in an omni-channel way. This makes operations easier in a teleworking situation. Especially if you have software in the cloud, given the flexibility, scalability and security it allows.
  • Automate the customer experience: Using a single platform to provide a unified and personalised experience, tailored to the most specific needs of your customers.

In short, having the right technology that allows you to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that teleworking brings to the contact centre is vital. This will enable you to increase the return on investment and productivity, as well as more efficient processes, ensure the quality of service and motivate the performance of your agents. All in the same platform, unique, from any place and through any channel.

If you want more information to achieve better management with solutions for contact centre in remote work, we invite you to learn about Smart Staff Optimisation. A package of tools that will facilitate the control of remote operations.

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