Inspired arrangement for Virtual College

Johannesburg, 16 Mar 2020
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Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies company, is helping e-learning specialist Virtual College provide reliable digital learning opportunities for more than 3.7 million online students.

Virtual College has been on an inspired growth path these past three years and offers students a truly virtual experience across many industries, including food safety and hygiene; health and safety; business; construction; healthcare; and hospitality. It also offers a Continuing Professional Development programme across a range of industries and subjects.

Demand for additional courses has resulted in many new modules being added to Virtual College’s offering.

Inspired Testing took a modular approach to testing, meaning that learning modules were tested for functional accuracy and that various servers, browsers and devices were tested for compatibility. The Inspired Testing team tests each module in the role of the end-user, including menus, glossaries, definitions, language, editing, layout, terminology, infographics and clickable links. Different aspects of each course are also tested on multiple browsers, servers and devices.

“By making our content and systems intuitive and engaging, our learners are able to meet their professional and personal goals,” says Chloe Weatherhead, Senior Project Manager, Virtual College. “Not only do we listen to our learners and act on their feedback, we want to ensure our content is accessible to all. Inspired Testing is an integral part of delivering this.”

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