iTouch first to market visual contacts for cellphones

Johannesburg, 30 Nov 2000
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Group Graphics, an illustrative way to categorise contacts in cellphone directories, is another first for iTouch, South Africa`s leading provider of mobile information and transactions services.

iTouch marketing manager Simon Leps says no other player in the local cellphone market has commercialised the technology that makes Group Graphics available to millions of cellphone users.

The Cape Town-based company, the first to market in South Africa with a WAP portal, listed on the London Stock Exchange in August.

Group Graphics enables Vodacom`s Nokia cellphone subscribers to download an operator logo from iTouch`s store of 270 images and save selected contacts under it in the phone`s directory.

Leps says that when a contact listed under a specific category calls, the chosen group graphic will flash onto the cellphone`s screen.

"It`s all part of providing fun services that reflect people`s lifestyles. The graphics categorise VIPs, friends, wacky family, lovers, work colleagues, drinking buddies, sports friends - the choice is extremely wide and can reflect the user`s sense of fun."

If bored with the image for a category of callers the graphic can be changed with help from iTouch`s support line or through a visit to the website which will guide the user through the necessary steps.

For further information call: 082 232 8000 or visit

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