Turrito Networks named SEACOM Channel Partner of the Year for 2018

Johannesburg, 18 Mar 2019
Colin Thornton, MD of Turrito Networks.
Colin Thornton, MD of Turrito Networks.

South African network-agnostic telecoms provider Turrito Networks has been named the SEACOM Channel Partner of the Year for 2018, solidifying its position as a leading provider of managed connectivity solutions.

"Turrito is one of SEACOM's key strategic partners and was Top Volume Partner in 2018," says Grant Parker, GM, SEACOM Business SA. "This is based on the quantity of SEACOM connectivity solutions they provide to their customers. SEACOM's world-class infrastructure providing products, coupled with Turrito's managed services abilities, is a hard value proposition to beat."

Indeed, this accolade underscores the instrumental role that Turrito fulfils in the local market, by providing customers with robust and accessible connectivity solutions.

"We're thrilled to win SEACOM Channel Partner of the Year for 2018," notes Colin Thornton, Managing Director, Turrito Networks. "Our partnership with SEACOM Business lets us leverage their excellent coverage, agility and speed on behalf of our customers and this is exactly what helps set Turrito apart. Adding this award to our growing number reinforces our position as the leading network-agnostic telecoms provider in SA. Partners like SEACOM have vast networks and myriad ways to interact with them. Turrito takes all of these disparate networks and services and distils them into products that make a real difference to our customers. We're looking forward to growing our relationship with SEACOM so we can continue to evolve our customer service."

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