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Why virtual CIO makes business sense

Every business deserves the same access to effective technology strategy. This means you no longer need to hire a full-time, onsite CIO, says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director of Evolv Networks.

Johannesburg, 15 Jan 2018
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Why virtual CIO makes business sense.
Why virtual CIO makes business sense.

With tight budgets and stretched resources, strategic planning is often ignored by businesses. Add to that the mix of readily available and affordable technology solutions, ever-evolving software and applications, plus omnipresent security threats, and you have a ticking time-bomb on hand.

Chances are your "IT department" is the person who knows most about computers in the business. In-between doing his non-IT job, he is running ragged sorting out daily IT issues, with no thought given to long-term planning and processes, such as hardware and software assessments and maintenance schedules, which is what a CIO does.

What is a virtual CIO?

The virtual CIO(vCIO) oversees operational infrastructure, manages risk and ultimately integrates and streamlines business technology and processes, says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director of Evolv Networks.

The reality is that businesses simply cannot afford to employ a full-time CIO, and that's where the virtual CIO can give you the upper hand. The vCIO brings technical knowledge, vast experience and business acumen, a unique set of strategic skills and collective knowledge to the table.

Your virtual CIO is simply and outside consultant a company trusts to provide input as needed, in much the same way as an accountant or attorney does.

Why virtual CIO services can work for you

* The virtual CIO helps you to evaluate your IT investment and assists in making sound business decisions. You will be given an understanding of key opportunities or risk mitigation of key technology trends for your company.
* Educates and assists senior management with drafting IT business cases for their various departmental needs and projects - why an investment should be made and how the business will see a return on that investment (ROI) in the future. A well-considered business case provides decision-makers with the information they need to decide if an investment should proceed. It is also a mechanism to ensure the rest of the organisation 'buys in' to the investment proposal and provides a framework to keep the project on track when work is initiated.
* Translates your long-term business strategy into actionable plans for IT to implement. Without the involvement of IT, the business strategy is bound to fail.
* Do cost assessments per department to determine where spend can be redirected to better deliver on business strategy.
* vCIO bridges the gap between business and IT so that IT becomes a value-adding enabler and not a cost centre.
* Keeps your IT infrastructure current and relevant - from assessing your current state of affairs to planning and strategising for future needs.
* Gives you a fresh take on how your department does business - the service is offered at executive level and gives an objective opinion on your IT Infrastructure.
* A good vCIO gets involved in your business and takes the lead on your IT strategy, ensuring it aligns with your business. He understands every level of the business and therefore becomes a vital link to optimise your technology and processes to improve return on investment.
* The vCIO has a variable cost - charged by the hour as needed and therefore less expensive than a full-time employee.
* He has one job - he does not take on additional responsibilities to support an under-resourced IT department.

Every business deserves the same access to effective technology strategy. This means you no longer need to hire a full-time, onsite CIO.

Evolv Networks provides experienced virtual CIO services with packages tailor-made to requirements. The company works closely with each client to ensure its services complement and integrate seamlessly to help you increase efficacy and grow your business.

Evolv Networks

Evolv Networks was founded in 2005 with the goal of supplying superior IT consulting and support services to SME and large companies. Equipped with industry-leading technical skills, it has remained committed to this strategy. It strives to better understand its customers and, through this, it can align technology with its business needs and processes.

As an IT service partner, it also knows that technology never stands still and, through its own evolution, it has brought value-adding technologies to its customers. With careful maturity testing and entrenching new technology in its environment, it ensures the solutions it supplies are business ready. This methodology originates from deep technical roots guaranteeing solutions are tried and tested.

As experts in the design, deployment and support of IT infrastructure, it continues finding innovative ways to use technology to solve the business challenges of its customers.

Gerhard Conradie, a certified MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, NT4/2000) and CNE (Certified Novell Engineer, Netware 5), is the MD of the Cape Town-based business IT solutions provider Evolv Networks.

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