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Johannesburg, 03 Feb 2005
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Unlike the US, South Africa has continued to recruit within the technology sector over the past few years, although the situation has changed in that executives/management are more carefully planning their personnel strategies than ever before. It seems that at long last, organisations are learning from history.

Like employers, executives and other staff need to remain careful in planning their career moves by evaluating opportunities with a long-term view. These choices need to be assessed so that individuals can make appropriate and astute decisions.

To be successful, individuals needs to be motivated by their passion that pulls them towards a specific career, idea or industry.

"Realising one`s true calling is ultimately the basis for career success," commented Lesley Mawhinney, Head of the ICT Practice at Leaders Unlimited. "Experience indicates that money, recognition and power inevitably stem from a passion to make a difference by building something that is meaningful as well as unique.

"Challenge and opportunity are the real motivators for those who are serious about advancing their careers," continued Mawhinney. "One of the key question we ask at Leaders Unlimited is how a prospective job will position a candidate for his/her future aspirations regardless of its potential for a significant short-term payback. Taking on an opportunity purely for financial reward and at the expense of building a solid path to this future is a risky and very short-sighted approach. Successful candidates are wary of being categorised as `job-hoppers`."

"It should be remembered that `fun` should never be ignored. If you still feel excited about work and are enthusiastic about your contributions, then you`re on the right path," concluded Mawhinney. "However, if you`re not completely engrossed in your work or are only marking time, don`t be afraid to move on. If you`re entrepreneurial in nature and a really big idea won`t let go of you, why not go for it?"

The following are some important considerations when looking at a career change:

* Ask yourself how the opportunity at hand supports your professional and personal goals and desires.
* Be sure that the opportunity uses your background, qualifications and experience.
* Make sure the company is culturally a good fit. Experience shows that cultural mismatching is often the leading reason for failure on the job.
* Make sure that management is committed to developing human capital.

Equal time and attention must be invested in people as is dedicated to finance and operations. A firm that recruits and retains the best talent is more likely to be successful. Companies that recruit solely on the basis of money will have trouble retaining top performers when presented with a bumpy road. Setting an inviting culture, developing people and promoting fun are key ingredients to keeping the key players on board.

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