SAP updates cloud offering

SAP updates cloud offering

In an effort to keep up with software giants Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Cisco, SAP is releasing an on-demand cloud-based content management system, states Datamation.

StreamWork is SAP's first significant cloud computing release since it made changes to its executive management team with the appointment of co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe.

"It's the end of the beginning stage of a long journey," says SAP senior vice-president David Meyer. "Innovation is core to our future success. We believe fervently in it and we're restructuring the company to make it a reality."

iPad gets content management

Kyte has rolled out a mobile content management platform for developing applications on the iPad, reports Earth Times.

The platform provides media companies and marketers with the flexibility to build native iPad applications, or extend compatibility of their new or existing Kyte-powered Web sites to the iPad.

Kyte COO, Gannon Hall, says: “The iPad is a platform every video publisher needs to plan for, because it represents the next phase in media delivery and Internet connected devices.”

Survey reveals media management struggles

Digital asset management company MediaBeacon has unveiled the results of a survey, co-sponsored by ECM provider AIIM, revealing organisations struggle with rich media management, says Earth Times.

The survey, with more than 500 business professional respondents, reveals that businesses and government organisations continue to struggle with the burden of managing and 'enabling' media through search and analytics.

Some 72% of the respondents found it was harder to find information owned by their organisations than information on the Web. Of those who have digital assets to manage, 81% are not using a digital asset management system and of those, 48% store their digital assets on ad-hoc file shares.

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