Pure Storage sees increased adoption of industry-leading Pure as-a-Service flexible consumption program

Enterprises across all industries have adopted Pure as-a-Service for a cloud experience and cloud consumption model on-premises.

Mountain View, Calif., 24 Jun 2020
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Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers storage as a service in a multi-cloud world, today said customers are driving a wave of adoption of its groundbreaking Pure as-a-Service flexible consumption program, designed to help organisations unlock the strategic potential of data, respond in near real-time to shifting infrastructure requirements, and meet today’s new business challenges.

Pure customers across industries who want cloud economics and cloud operations on-premises have adopted Pure as-a-Service – enabling them to consume additional storage capacity on-demand with little risk and a predictable pricing model. For example, Hospital Sisters Health Systems, Citizen Potawatomi Nation and service provider TeraGo have all found flexible solutions that fit their organisations’ evolving needs with Pure as-a-Service.

Marking its second anniversary, Pure as-a-Service offers the entire Pure product portfolio in locations that suit the needs of businesses, supporting storage on-premises, in co-location and service provider facilities, and in the public cloud by leveraging Pure’s Cloud Block Store. Regardless of what is or where it is consumed, Pure as-a-Service provides a single unified subscription and predictable per-unit costs. This offers financial and operational flexibility to customers via policy-based management and self-service options, creating the customer experience that is expected by enterprises familiar with cloud solutions.

Pure as-a-Service empowers IT leaders to rethink how they spend – paying only for what an organisation needs and never over-provisioning. Since Pure as-a-Service encompasses Pure’s FlashArray and FlashBlade platforms, customers can use opex* budgets to consume block, file and object storage services deployed anywhere – including in the public cloud via Pure’s Cloud Block Store.

“With the shifting infrastructure demands brought on by the rapid increase in remote work, now more than ever customers are looking for flexibility, simplicity and reliability from their infrastructure vendors,” said Rob Walters, Vice-President and General Manager of Storage as-a-Service, Pure Storage. “Pure as-a-Service delivers the dynamic consumption model and experience that fits their evolving needs.”

The Pure as-a-Service platform transforms an enterprise storage environment into a highly efficient storage utility. As the industry’s first comprehensive storage as a service offering from a major vendor, Pure as-a-Service offers Pure1 management tools to enable organisations to efficiently manage a unified hybrid cloud storage environment backed by Pure’s peerless customer support – all through a single subscription.

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* Opex treatment subject to customer’s auditor review

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