ABES Technoseal leverages superior service and flexibility from Embrace ERP

Johannesburg, 25 Jun 2019
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Embrace delivers quantifiable benefits to ABES Technoseal:

Fact sheet
Solution: Embrace ERP
Industry: Automotive spare parts
Provider: Embrace
User: ABES Technoseal

Enhanced Reliability of customer delivery

Substantially Less time for material costing

Increased Visibility into finished product and component details

The Company

ABES Technoseal is a market leader in importing, assembling and distributing seals, clutches and ignition systems. A division of the Hudaco Group, the company prides itself on supplying quality products at competitive prices and delivering the best possible service to their customers.

To help achieve these goals, it relies on Embrace, its end-to-end ERP business solution. “By facilitating logistics, manufacturing, warehouse management and distribution, Embrace helps us to ensure we can deliver on our business promises," states Danie Venter, Managing Director, ABES Technoseal.

ABES Technoseal’s partnership with Embrace began in 2002, when the company looked to replace its two separate legacy systems with a complete, integrated system that embraces all aspects of the business. “Since then the company has grown and evolved. There have been inevitable changes and Embrace has been able to grow and adapt to our changing needs,” adds Juan Radley, Financial Director, ABES Technoseal.


Extensive and complex part number structure

ABES Technoseal has an extensive range of product sets. There are different types of seals, made up of different materials, and all in different dimensions. There could be at least 30 different types of a single dimension, eg, 30mm X 40mm seals, which equates to thousands of different part numbers. There are also different clutches as well as ignition systems. All these different part numbers need to be effectively catered for.

Embrace provides sophisticated cross-referencing, allowing simple lookup per product by providing quick and easy access to length, width, height, description and any other details. “Of all the ERP business solutions evaluated, Embrace was the best fit for ABES and the only solution that could cater for our complex part number structure,” states Warren de Douallier, IT Manager.

“This feature alone,” adds Radley, “has given us a significant competitive edge!”

Complex pricing and invoicing requirements

Price lists include price per each, contract pricing, categories on products, etc, and that’s just on seals. Volume rebates are offered and, when there are special discounts, these are added and applied to the volume discounts. There could also be price list specials, in which case these discounts are applied to that particular special.

Five-part invoices are required per sale and each is different. The breakdown of parts and discounts are detailed on the internal copies, while the customer copy reflects only the final product and price. Embrace meets these complex requirements, ensuring accurate invoicing and increased customer satisfaction.

Sophisticated manufacturing

There was no requirement for a full-blown and complicated manufacturing solution. “The Embrace Kitting solution meets all our manufacturing requirements. The simplicity of the system is a big plus,” states Venter.

Specific reporting requirements of the Hudaco Group

The solution needs to satisfy the reporting requirements of the ABES Technoseal management team as well as the Hudaco Group executive. “Embrace meets all our reporting requirements. I have one report which gives me all the detail head office needs. A huge plus is that we can customise our reports and download them directly into Excel in whatever format we want,” explains Radley.


The integrated, end-to-end, real-time Embrace ERP business application has streamlined business processes and enabled ABES to remain highly competitive, meet increased demand and exceed customer expectations.


The company recently implemented Embrace Forecasting, which had a significant impact on the business, saving time and boosting efficiency. “With over 40 000 line items we wouldn’t manage without it,” adds Jayne Kyte, Logistics Director, ABES Technoseal. “Forecasting, with Embrace DRP, ensures our ordering is done correctly and that parts arrive in good time. We test the forecast all the time so it works really well.”

ABES imports products from around the world. Each product has a different lead time, ranging anywhere from two weeks to six or 12 months, which are catered for in Embrace. Stock optimisation, visibility and tight controls have helped ensure shrinkage is minimal.


ABES currently has three production facilities. When it first implemented Embrace, there was just one and that was for Technoseals. The sophisticated and comprehensive reconfigure functionality in the Embrace kitting module effectively managed and controlled the entire process. As the business grew, production facilities for clutches and then ignition leads were added. Both were seamlessly and effortlessly brought onto Embrace. Despite the increased complexity and volumes, there was still no need to implement a complex MRP system, as Embrace Kitting does everything we need. It is not complicated, very easy to use and keeps the full history,” states Kyte.

A number of different products are built, all of which have their own BOM and each is made up of 28+ different parts. Embrace can show one overall view of what is required, and if any single part is out of stock, finds a substitute in stock, ensuring there are no production delays and that contractual delivery dates are met. Kyte adds that “traceability in the system is excellent and audits are really quick and easy".


“One of the biggest benefits to us,” explains Venter, “is that Embrace is a fully integrated ERP business system. All the modules slot together, giving me access to accurate, real-time information throughout the business. This enables me to take action where necessary and make informed business decisions.”

Wealth of knowledge

Embrace is a strategic partner with proven expertise in streamlining processes, expanding business growth and cultivating innovation. “There is a wealth of business, industry and Embrace package expertise that we benefit from,” states Venter.

Superior service and support

Another key benefit is the fast, efficient service and support Embrace delivers. The team is always ready to address any problems. “When we call, they’re there,” adds Radley. Our account manager is always there. It’s that availability, that personal relationship that sets Embrace apart. You don’t get it from other vendors, who come in, do the job and then they’re gone. With Embrace, we know that they understand our business, our requirements and that they’ll always be back to assist, recommend and guide whenever we need them. ”

Ease of use

Kyte adds that another big benefit is the ease of use. “Embrace is not complicated at all and logical to use. We often bring temps in. It is quick and easy to train them to use the system and they are productive almost immediately.”

Real-time, end-to-end visibility

Embrace provides full operational visibility with anytime access to accurate real-time information, such as turnover, gross profit, expenses, stock, back orders and ETA as well as sales per customer, per rep and per product line, with full drill down into the detail. Management can step in, take corrective measures and make quick decisions with confidence.

Stable and compliant

Radley adds that Embrace is stable and compliant and works according to good accounting practices, which translates into good business practices. “Embrace shows thought and industry leadership and always ensures they meet all local legislation requirements. They were one of the first vendors to address the IT14SD VAT requirements. But most importantly, Embrace adapts to the way we think!”

Future plans

ABES Technoseal is in the process of upgrading from version 13 to the latest version of Embrace. “We want to leverage the benefits of the latest technologies and additional functionality, specifically Embrace Catalogues and E-Commerce,” explains Venter.

He adds that the new analytics tools, dashboards and data visualisation capabilities will help the company transform to a more agile business as its management can focus more on information analyses rather than operational tasks.

As the business moves forward, Embrace will continue to play a key role in helping to further develop ABES Technoseal's business model to keep it competitive in a demanding market.

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