White paper: Optimised document workflows in healthcare

Johannesburg, 04 Nov 2019
Read time 1min 00sec

South Africa’s healthcare sector is under growing pressure from rising costs, tighter budgets, stringent compliance demands and higher patient expectations. Digitalising business processes can enable medical practices, hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare providers to boost their efficiency and productivity, while delivering a better patient experience.

Technologies such as enterprise content management (ECM) and business process automation (BPA) enable healthcare providers to automate manual processes, in turn driving down costs and enhancing productivity. In the back-office, digitalisation allows healthcare providers to reduce administrative costs and drive operational efficiencies.

On the front line, such solutions can help patient-facing staff to provide more efficient care and focus less on paperwork and more on the needs of the patient. Rather than spending time searching for patient records or filing documentation required by doctors, nurses and other staff can easily find documentation at the click of a button or with a quick and simple search. This white paper explores the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare.

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