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ATEN unveils industry-first 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP Switch

Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2010
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ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, has further extended its range of CubiQ USB KVMP solutions with the launch of the CM0264, the industry's first 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix Switch. The CM0264 allows users to switch seamlessly between two HDMI- and two DVI-enabled PCs and share USB peripherals and high-definition audio from a dual-display console. With its unique design and innovative features, the CM0264 keeps pace with SOHO applications that require the ultimate in vision, sound, and connectivity.

The CubiQ CM0264 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP Switch's Dual Display Console supports one DVI display and one HDMI display. Users can switch between four high-definition video sources on both displays, while the innovative Picture-in-picture (PIP) 3-in-1 view mode allows users to simultaneously control one computer on one display and view the three other video sources on the other display.

The CM0264 offers various advanced desktop control features. With the patented Cursor Shift function in dual display mode, the mouse cursor moves back and forth across both displays, shifting the KVM focus. In addition, the CM0264 features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that provides another convenient method of operation. This incorporates an easy-to-use File Management function that supports on-screen file transfer and copy-paste functionality.

"With the launch of the first DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP Switch, ATEN addresses the increasingly high requirements of high-end SOHO users, who expect to balance work with play. The new CM0264 allows users to easily play computer games with their multifunction gaming keyboard, while monitoring work applications and downloading videos or music on another computer. The CM0264 is specifically designed for multimedia applications and offers the ultimate in advanced, streamlined KVM technology for the desktop," says Grant Sauls, Operations Director of Falcon Electronics, ATEN International's preferred supplier in South Africa.

To keep pace with today's SOHO applications, the new 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP Switch supports widescreen resolutions, while ATEN's exclusive Video DynaSync technology eliminates boot-up display problems and optimises resolution when switching between ports. The CM0264 also supports high-definition audio for a rich sound experience. And with the built-in 2-port USB 2.0 hub, users can easily expand and share their USB peripherals among the computers connected to the KVM switch. The CM0264 supports independent switching of KVM, USB and audio.

Thanks to the power on detection function, when one of computers is switched off, the CM0264 will switch automatically to the next powered-on computer. Furthermore, with the console keyboard port emulation/bypass feature, the CM0264 supports most gaming/multimedia keyboards. The new 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP(tm) Switch is compatible with HDMI 1.3a and HDCP. It also supports multiplatform operations (Windows, Linux and Mac) and integrates an Auto Scan function which allows users to monitor all computers and HDMI devices.

ATEN KVM solutions are available through Falcon Electronics in South Africa.

KVM Switches - An essential server management device

A KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch is an advanced, hardware-based solution that allows centralised access to multiple computers easily and conveniently from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A KVM switch is useful in an extensive range of environments, suitable for SOHO users, small and medium businesses, and large corporations.

Fundamentally, a KVM switch allows server rooms and data centres to optimise rack space in the IT environment, reducing costs and the clutter of keyboards, monitors and mice. Additional benefits include savings in energy consumption, server racks, cabinets, and floor space. Since a KVM switch provides access to a number of computers from a central location, IT professionals are no longer running from one server to the next, thereby streamlining workflow and increasing productivity.

To meet the ever-developing needs of the globalised economy and the Internet, KVM solutions now have over-IP functionality for remote management capability that better fulfils the demands of corporations who need to manage multiple server rooms worldwide.

Falcon Electronics

Falcon is a premier supplier of networking, data centre and communications solutions, power management, racking equipment, KVM switches, networking switches, cables, fibre and copper test equipment in South Africa. With offices nationwide, Falcon Electronics offers superior service and turnaround.


ATEN International Co specialises in information technology connectivity solutions. Established in 1979, ATEN is now considered the leading manufacturer of KVM Switches worldwide. This prominent position was reached through continuous high investment in research and development, resulting in numerous patents such as a sophisticated ASIC, developed in the ATEN labs, manufactured by ATEN, and used to differentiate our products from the competition. Our current product range comprises hundreds of connectivity solutions, providing complete KVM solutions from entry level to the enterprise market. ATEN's customers are made up of the entire range of the IT spectrum - from large corporations conducting global operations, to small and midrange businesses, to individual users.

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