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Successful digitisation - it's a people thing

Companies must create a clear strategy to manage the people element in their business and ensure buy-in on the digital journey, says Ebrahim Dinat, COO of Ocular Technologies.

Johannesburg, 28 Nov 2017
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"This year, we started. Next year, it's either do or die," says Ebrahim Dinat, COO of South African customer experience solutions provider, Ocular Technologies.

He is referring to "digital disruption", a term that could not be escaped this year, and the reality of doing business next year.

"What we thought of as 'newbie' technology is certain to go mainstream next year, and so we'll experience a higher adoption of artificial intelligence technology to connect to the customer, for instance," says Dinat.

He highlights that it's not only technology that plays a role in digitising a business. "There is a reason it is called the 'digital disruption', as it creates disorder to help find the new order in an organisation," Dinat continues. "That means it is also certain to disrupt long-held company cultures and an organisation needs every employee to make digital a success."

He cautions that digitisation needs to be emphasised "in all its essence" for every employee so it is fully embraced. "Change management, culture transformation - the path to digitalisation is in every business unit's hands. That is, not only IT or exco, but also HR and communication. It requires employee engagement like never before and a shift from 'old' to 'new'. Importantly, it should not be seen as alien or scary or as something that will eliminate human roles - but rather a way of living and doing business that is entirely influenced by humans. The more personality your digital company has, the better the customer experience."

Dinat recommends organisations create a clear strategy to manage the "people element" in their business, to ultimately ensure people buy-in on your digital journey.

"It's like change on steroids: if you don't do it now and do it fast, you seriously risk being left behind," he concludes. "It's a race, and the pressure from competitors is on, making learning, knowledge, change and communication key to remaining relevant."

Ocular Technologies

Ocular Technologies is a specialist customer engagement and digital experience solutions provider. It employs a unique set of individuals who are experts in understanding, managing and ultimately ensuring an optimal customer experience. With a vision of being regarded as an internationally respected leader in the customer engagement market, Ocular Technologies strives to have its customers appear as heroes in the eyes of their clients.

Ocular Technologies holds more than 13 years' experience in the customer contact life cycle space, and creates a quantifiable business impact through intelligent interaction management, robotic process automation, natural language processing, and cognitive analysis and design.

Drawing from a focused selection of best-of-breed technologies and methodologies, Ocular Technologies is outstandingly positioned to offer a holistic solution including strategy and planning, implementation and delivery, as well as enablement and operations. As a 100% black-owned, level one B-BBEE contributor, Ocular Technologies has the added advantage of offering a preferential procurement level of 135%.

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