Wanderbox on steroids!

The new enhanced Wanderbox offers SMEs an enterprise-level service at a reasonable cost point with its offering of one or two PRI interfaces.

Cape Town, 29 Nov 2017
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Wanderbox duo.
Wanderbox duo.

Far South Networks has announced the release of its most versatile and powerful VOIP device for the small and medium enterprise (SME) business sector yet. Packed with features usually only accessible to the enterprise business, the new Wanderbox provides the SME market with the same technology at an affordable price point.

The latest version of Wanderbox, from the world's leading designer and manufacturer of IP telephony equipment, is able to support up to 30 concurrent calls and provides a choice of one or two primary rate ISDN (PRI) interfaces.

"For the SIP gateway market, the new Wanderbox device is able to convert a customer's legacy telecoms and PBX infrastructure to VOIP. In addition, it comes packed with features such as compliant call recording and PBX upgradability. Furthermore, the product's enhancements guarantee that the business remains connected to its old telecoms service, even when the site has power outages," explains Far South Networks MD Grant Broomhall.

"In addition, for the PBX market, the enhanced Wanderbox product, through its integration with Wanderweb, is able to deliver cutting-edge unified communications (UC) facilities at the lowest possible capex investment. This means it is able to provide business users with a secure, mobile bring your own device (BYOD) experience."

"The new Wanderbox effectively doubles its voice calling capacity and extends the product's PBX market footprint to 100 users, as well as delivering a wide range of additional business benefits," he says.


He points out from a technology perspective, the Wanderbox product supports the OPUS codec and WebRTC services. Moreover, Wanderbox installed with the new PRI card also positions the device as a true network appliance, supporting up to four managed Ethernet ports and the ability to manage voice and data services over multiple local and wide area networks.

He adds the Far South Networks entry-level range of IP PBX and SIP gateway products includes the standard Wanderbox for small businesses and the Wanderbox 'duo' for medium enterprises. This latest significant enhancement - which he refers to as a 'turbo-charge' - to the Wanderbox range offers enhanced performance and services and greater telecoms connectivity.

"With more features and greater flexibility, more networking ports, a proven VOIP gateway, with accessibility to UC as a service, and the ability to deliver a genuine BYOD experience at a price point suitable to the SME market, you could say that this is Wanderbox on steroids!"

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