MTN spreads a healthy dose of inspiration and kindness

Johannesburg, 30 Sep 2021
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It’s all about random acts of kindness, as MTN launches a new campaign this week, to spread a little kindness and joy across the country. At a time when the stress of long-term isolation and sustained anxiety are seriously impacting mental health across the globe, MTN’s Share Kindness campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).

Following the trend of a social movement that has had an impact around the world, The Kindness Rocks Project, this week MTN distributed thousands of rock painting kits for MTN customers, MTN employees, mental health counsellors, social influencers and the media.

The concept behind the project is to help South Africans to reconnect, by tapping into their creative side, painting a little rock with an inspirational message and leaving the rock in a public place like a park, school or walking trail to surprise and inspire a random stranger and bring a little brightness into their day.

“We have all been touched by the impact of COVID-19 in one way or another in the last 18 months and this campaign is a lovely way to help us rebuild a sense of community and connection," says Jacqui O'Sullivan, MTN SA's Executive for Corporate Affairs.

“We have already seen the ripple effect that these little yello’ pebbles have had as we intentionally chose small business suppliers to help us create the boxes. A new online gift business has been given the opportunity to get off the ground, create security for their small team of employees and employ eight more people who had been retrenched or unemployed through COVID-19. We have also seen art supplies wholesalers reignited with their first substantial sales since March last year and a stationery factory has restarted their production line after months of dormancy, to produce the marker pens in our kits,” explains O’Sullivan.

“This campaign has also given us an opportunity to partner with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG),” O’Sullivan continues, “giving their counsellors and clients a mindful way to cope with stress and anxiety with their own rock painting kits.”

During October, especially on 10 October which is World Mental Health Day – MTN SA employees, media and the public will be encouraged to leave their painted rocks, carrying powerful messages of hope, in public parks, trails and paths where other people will find them. For every stone photographed and posted to social media using #ItsGoTime and tagging @MTNza, MTN SA will donate R10 (up to R500 000) to the SA Depression and Anxiety Group.

Thousands of kits have been placed in selected flagship MTN stores across the country for MTN customers and can also be ordered online.

“SADAG are completely blown away by the campaign MTN has created. We are so honored to partner with MTN ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October. SADAG takes pride in educating communities about mental illness so that we can create more awareness, reduce the stigma and encourage more people to seek treatment,” says Cassey Chambers, SADAG Operations Director. “Helping South Africans through these difficult times.”

“Summer is on its way, let’s share a little sunshine and kindness. I hope all South Africans will take up this fun challenge to inspire, support and provide hope to those most in need. It is only through caring for each other and driving positive change that we will truly turn the corner to a brighter future,” O’Sullivan concludes. 

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