Cyberoam speeds up Africa investment

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Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies and a provider of identity-based unified threat management (UTM) security appliances, revealed this weekend at the Cyberoam Partner Summit, in Athens, Greece, that it's making significant investments in Africa.

Channel partners from 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region attended the Cyberoam Partner Summit. The aim of the event was to communicate Cyberoam's roadmap and solidify relationships with MEA partners.

During the first day of the summit, Hemal Patel, CEO of EliteCore, said: “Our core focus is around network security, which is currently a growing market, especially in the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector.”

Research and development

According to Patel, Cyberoam has invested 60% of its overall revenue into technology research and development.

“For almost 10 consecutive years, we've been growing at a 100% growth rate in the region, and we intend to maintain that in following years,” said Patel.

He pointed out 2011 will mark a year of exponential growth for Cyberoam as the security industry grows, particularly in the UTM space.

“We recently expanded our direct presence in the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Jordan. We have dedicated reseller presence in the Middle East. This biggest challenge in 2011 will be the uncertainty in the global economy,” added Patel.

Expanding footprint

Cyberoam, which has headquarters in India and the US, plans to drive its local presence and improve direct support to the company's global partners and end-customers in MEA, said Patel.

It will do this by rolling out several partner certification programmes, training, road shows as well as making several product announcements this year.

Patel pointed out that Cyberoam will also make investments in product development within the home office space. The company plans to roll-out a home network appliance that will be introduced to the MEA market later this year.

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