Lexmark launches AccuRead Automate 2.0 for multifunction printers

Recognition of multi-page documents, greatly improved performance.

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Lexmark has enhanced its AccuRead Automate application for multifunctional printers (MFPs) with the new features available from 1 August 2016.

AccuRead Automate enables a Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing.

Nathan Nayagar, Managing Director for Lexmark - South Africa & English Speaking Africa, explains: "Businesses in South Africa struggle with capturing printed information and retrieving it easily when needed." Often, manual steps are required for before and after the scanning process owing to the wide variety of document types available. Other barriers to data extraction from printed documents include insufficient employee training and limited network bandwidth in remote locations."

"This update optimises the core features of the AccuRead Automate solution, ensuring a smoother operation. It also includes significant improvements in speed and performance when classifying documents and extracting the relevant information."

The new software now automatically recognises multi-page documents and understands that a document is, for example, a two-, three- or four-page invoice. This only requires an initial input of the different variants, which eliminates manual pre-sorting and further increases efficiency. Additional enhancements include expanded automation functions that provide even faster and more precise capture and processing of documents and greatly accelerate downstream processes.

Capable of learning, precise and fast

The new version also provides more precise classification methods with sorting now performed on the full text, not just the layout of a document. This enables the recognition and classification of documents that do not fully match one of the "learned" categories. As a result, AccuRead Automate 2.0 ensures a significantly lower error rate than previous versions.

Availability and offerings for resellers

The new AccuRead Automate solution is available for the new Lexmark CX7 and CX8 Series of color printer products. For older Lexmark products with different firmware, future versions will be offered that provide the same enhancements.

Want to know more about AccuRead Automate? Watch the video here.

AccuRead Automate

AccuRead Automate permits the partially automated capture and processing of documents. The software recognises and classifies documents as pages are scanned and extracts the key information from them. Through this process, AccuRead Automate names and indexes files automatically, routes the captured data to predefined destinations and makes it available to downstream business applications.

AccuRead Automate uses algorithms for the teaching of document classes. As its classification knowledge grows, the solution can automatically recognise and sort the scanned documents.

In addition, up to four fields can be defined in a document for the extraction of information. These can then be used to name files automatically or store them in an index file that other business applications can access.


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