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Johannesburg, 24 Apr 2013
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The Executive Committee of the Gauteng Provincial Government has repositioned the Gauteng Department of Finance to focus on the implementation of the ICT Strategy of the province.

The realignment of the mandate is aimed at ensuring that GDF delivers on the development objectives of the province, thereby bridging the digital divide that exists in our society, and address infrastructural challenges faced by GPG departments.

The rationale for this development is that GPG infrastructure is ageing and this affects the province's ability to provide and improve ICT services across the spectrum. Also, the province is faced with the shortage of specialist ICT skills in areas such as enterprise resource planning, systems development, etc. These areas are important in ensuring we deliver on our broader mandate of giving citizens access to uninterrupted services.

In addressing these challenges, GDF has developed a comprehensive ICT Strategy for the province. The strategy will ensure we provide universal access to broadband for citizens, business and government institutions. It will further focus on building the network infrastructure and information super-highway to encourage the development of advanced workforce with better ICT skills and most importantly increase the ICT skills capacity within the public sector.

The bulk of the department's budget is now focusing on improving ICT infrastructure and funding the ICT Strategy outcomes. We have not only set up objectives, but have clear goals on targeting areas of emphasis, which are namely: productivity, connectivity and ICT skills capacity.

Through this, we will create a heightened environment for ICT-enabled economic activity among large firms and SMEs, to offer electronic government services to citizens. Communications costs will be reduced through deploying fixed ICT and mobile broadband infrastructure. And lastly, to address the demand for ICT skills, we will provide online learning in every primary and secondary school classroom as means to increasing SA's future competitiveness, and laying the foundation for ICT innovation and sector development.

We have also invested in a world-class Security Operations Centre, and a fully operational Network Operations Centre, both of which proactively monitor our operating systems and offer the province early warning notifications in the case of security threats.

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