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Samsung launches new LED lighting solutions

Range of LED solutions for greener, more efficient future.

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Samsung Electronics South Africa today announced a new line-up of LED retrofit* lamps, light engines and LED chips that provide quality lighting at competitive prices. The newly launched LED retrofit lamps include a total of seven products, comprising various LED light bulbs including L-Tubes GU10, MR16, E27, candle and golf ball types. With the new LED lamps, consumers can enjoy a wider choice of brightness, energy consumption and price levels. Further solutions include LED engines that allow for customised fittings to utilise Samsung's latest LED technology.

According to Strategies Unlimited, the LED lighting market will steadily expand with an average annual growth rate of 14%, from approximately $1.8 billion - taking about 15% of total LED-based product market in 2011 - to approximately $3 billion - accounting for about 26% of the total LED market in 2015.

"It is based on this strategic research that Samsung has launched its own new range of LED retrofit lamps, which reduce energy consumption by approximately 80% compared to incandescent and halogen lamps - saving consumers on their electricity bills. What's more, these lamps boast extremely long lifetimes of up to 15 years, which means that light bulb purchases are very few and far between. And if that wasn't enough, these bulbs reduce CO2 emissions by 90%, contributing to the greener, eco-friendly home environment," says Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa.

LED retrofit lamps are LED-based lamps that can be fitted into existing sockets, replacing incandescent fluorescent, halogen bulbs or less efficient LED products, and are cost-effective and eco-friendly. These lamps also boast other benefits, such as quality lighting and competitive pricing within the market, not to mention comfortable, warm lighting - ideal for residential areas and offering consumers a wider choice of brightness, energy consumption and price efficiencies.

"It is this diverse offering that addresses the key concerns and behaviours of today's consumers and will continue to drive the uptake of LED lamps over other lighting solutions. LED lamps allow consumers the opportunity to change the ambiance of their homes and their lifestyles with an eco-conscious and cost-saving perspective - something that is critical today, when living expenses are already on the rise," continues McKechnie.

In April of this year, Samsung participated in Light+ Building in Germany, the world's leading lighting trade fair for architecture and technology, to present its featured selection of LED products and technologies. This included LED packages, LED engines and a broad range of LED lamps, which further accentuated the organisation's strong commitment to the global LED lighting market. "This is certainly significant of Samsung's commitment to this market, and with the global proliferation of eco-friendly policies and growing consumer awareness in energy savings and conservation, Samsung expects that the LED lighting market will rapidly expand," says McKechnie.

Editors' note:

* An LED retrofit lamp means an LED-based lamp that can be fitted into existing lamp sockets, replacing incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lamps.
** MR16 means a multifaceted reflector light bulb, which has the diameter of 16 eighths of an inch across the front face. Sixteen eighths, in other words two inches, would be approximately 51 millimetres.

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