KDS Direct showcases more product ranges to small office operators

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When KDS Direct first launched its online store in October 2016, it was one of its kind in South Africa. Like most pioneering ideas, the risk of failure was high, but so far it has been a BIG success. A clear strategy from the marketing team to ensure that its small business customers are taken care of, has been one of its key success factors.

In its commitment to meet the needs and budget of its small business customers, KDS Direct has offered a wide range of small office printers for direct purchase online (http://www.kdsdirect.co.za/) and linked it to excellent after sales service and support, which is required to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Since the launch of the store, KDS Direct has kept to its promise to deliver excellent printer products, with the commitment to guarantee the best price on each product. In the past year, the organisation has consistently introduced new colour and black/white printer models, specifically aimed at their small business customers.

Firstly, there was the ECOSYS P6130cdn, a versatile laser colour printer well-known for long-life components and excellent performance, allowing users to reduce waste and ensure exceptional levels of reliability.

Then there was the unveiling of their award winning series of A4 desktop black and white ECOSYS models; P2040dn, P2040dw, P2235dn and P2235dw, all introduced to the market in response to customer demand. Simple and compact, these models are designed for the small office that "demands that little extra greatness". The total cost of ownership is relatively very low, thanks to long-life and energy-efficient components.

The most recent product addition by KDS Direct, was the showcasing of a new range of SOHO A4 colour printers, exclusively available on their Web store. Again, in response to the clarion call by their loyal customers, the following printer models (ECOSYS P5026cdn / P5026cdw, ECOSYS P5021cdn / P5021cdw, ECOSYS M5526cdn / M5526cdw and ECOSYS M5521cdn / M5521cdw) were put on display.

Since its inception, KDS Direct has remained consistent and has ensured to take into consideration the budget constraint of the target audience. They have done so by leveraging on Kyocera's ECOSYS concept. These printer models are designed to ensure long life parts, low frequency of parts replacement and low power consumption, thereby by helping customers to save a significant amount on operational costs.

With more products in store and new models coming in, KDS Direct is living up to their promise and commitment to their customers, as the first online store of its kind in South Africa to provide a total office automation solution for both business and home use.

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