Bluekey Seidor announces name change

Johannesburg, 28 Oct 2019
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Bluekey Seidor has long been known in the ERP industry for quality of service, SAP Business One knowledge and quick implementation. The brand was born in 2005 when Bluekey Software Solutions was registered and, over the years, has expanded its services with the opening of the Bluekey Networking and Bluekey Analytics divisions.

The company has grown, with branches established in South Africa (in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) as well as in Mauritius, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania.

In 2016, Seidor, the largest SAP partner globally, acquired the Bluekey group of companies and the Bluekey Seidor brand emerged.

According to Pedro Lopes, Group Managing Director: “Two years on, we feel it is time to leave legacy behind, and move towards the future as the Seidor Africa Group of Companies.

“The new brand is part of the organisation’s strategy to streamline the multiple, solution-led business optimisation services provided by the businesses in the group. We, as Seidor Africa, not only do SAP Business One, or infrastructure development, or digital security and cloud solutions. We do all of this under one roof. From start to finish, from big to small businesses, we can assist you in your move towards digital transformation.”

Under the Seidor Africa brand falls Seidor (SAP ERP Systems for Small to Medium Businesses), Seidor Networks (Security, Cloud and Infrastructure), Seidor Analytics (BI and Analytics) and Seidor Westrocon (Enterprise SAP ERP Systems).

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