Holistic view of cyber security required

Johannesburg, 24 Apr 2019
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There's only one guarantee when it comes to cyber crime, and that is that it's going to get worse. In a complex threat landscape, driven by increasingly determined adversaries and a widening attack surface, breaches seem to be a daily occurrence. Moreover, too many organisations are not updating their defences against cyber crime to keep up with the constantly evolving nature of attackers.

Compounding the issue is that too many IT departments are making do with half-measures when it comes to protecting their IT environments. Malware has evolved alongside computing, from the days where fresh-faced hackers wrote proof-of-concept worms and viruses in their basements, to today's large underground cyber crime organisations that sell malicious tools on the dark Web, and offer customer support alongside them.

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In addition, threat actors are nothing if not pragmatic. They use what works, and update their tools and tricks to slip through any security net. To get a foothold on the company network, they will mix and match, changing their tactics should they be blocked on any level. They will use a combination of adware, spyware, keyloggers, viruses, rootkits, spear phishing, APTs, DDOS; anything that helps them achieve their ends. And this proves one thing: there is no 'silver bullet' when it comes to cyber security.

This is why a holistic, multi-layered approach to cyber security works best. A business cannot prevent blended attacks by blocking every possible channel a cyber criminal might employ, without completely shutting themselves off from the rest of the world. And single solutions don't work either. AV is useless against zero-day attacks; in fact, only around 50% of malware even has a signature for AV to catch.

Endpoint protection is ineffective when the IOT is seeing millions of devices that are outside IT's control attaching to corporate networks. And let's not forget the human factor. There are no tools that prevent people from being people, and clicking on suspicious links, or falling for cunning social engineering schemes.

Obscure Technologies offers its clients best-in-class products, along with support, expertise and a wide range of solutions to meet all their security needs. There is no point waiting for attacks to hit endpoints; Obscure Technologies take a holistic view of cyber security, bearing in mind the plethora of vectors that threat actors use to deliver their malware, and delivering multiple security controls to protect their most valuable resources and data.

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