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The future is old: why investing in re-marketed servers with SPL is a good idea

Global shortages, reduced capital spend and the constant upgrading of technology have led to a tremendous surge in the demand for re-marketed items across the board.

Johannesburg, 17 Jun 2022
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Service Parts Logistics is Africa’s longest running specialist service parts management company and an established brand with years of experience in refurbishing and reselling high-quality IT hardware at an affordable price. “As manufacturers have struggled to keep up with demand during the pandemic, more businesses have turned to our re-marketed IT for quality solutions," says SPL’s Managing Director, Christopher Cox. “Users just can’t afford to wait out the long lead times to beat component shortages, and finance committees struggle to understand why their staff need to drive the Ferraris of the IT world when reliable Toyotas are readily available at less than half the price.”

Forbes Magazine, the LA Times and an entire cottage industry of cloud computing have issued multiple articles on how users “overbuy” IT hardware, whose shiny and extravagant new features have less than a few percent of what our users actually need. Is this year’s i3 really twice as good as last year’s i5? And does your call centre agent really need it?

More to the point – would your FD be more impressed if you told her you could offer a leading brand’s top-end server from last year’s at half the price of this year’s one – and with double the RAM and storage? She might struggle to understand the technical lingo behind your data centre architecture, but she’ll certainly understand the rands and cents of investment and borrowing you’re saving them.

But why invest in re-marketed servers? (aka “refurbished, with a full-on warranty”)

  • Save money – and customise for your dream device

Get your dream server (if you’re an ITWeb reader, yes, we assume you have a dream server…) – specced with a dizzying array of drives, memory, Xeon CPUs and more or less the same as an off-the-shelf new box. And then keep it that way with an affordable upgrade programme from SPL.

There are thousands of possible options to build one server, and why be limited by what the OEM has to offer? When you buy a re-marketed server, all these options are made available to you at a fraction of the cost. Re-marketed servers are generally priced at 20%-30%, and in some cases even 50%, less than their original counterparts.

  • Much quicker lead times

Generally, when purchasing new servers, the lead times can be painfully long, even without component constraints and the prevailing shipping crunch. However, with re-marketed goods, the lead times are often shortened from months to just a few days – and this even includes the built-to-order customised upgrades!

  • Full warranties and readily available spare parts

When purchasing re-marketed servers through SPL, your server by default comes with a three-year NBD onsite warranty, which can be uplifted to a four-hour service; and replacement parts are readily available nationwide and can ship to you as fast as you are able to purchase them.

  • Extended warranties and buy-back options

When purchasing through SPL, there are lucrative buying options that include buy-back guarantees as well as extended warranty offerings of up to seven-year periods post purchase for your peace of mind, and to sweat your assets longer! (SPL offers the same warranties on equipment not bought from them too.)

  • Go green and help reduce e-waste, carbon emissions, environmental impact

Unfortunately, our increasing use of electronics is having a major impact on our environment in the form of air and water pollution, high energy consumption, landfills full of e-waste and wasted transportation costs. Buying re-marketed units allow us to continue using the technology we have become accustomed to while significantly lowering its environmental impact.

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