Payroll industry bolsters e-learning

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E-learning and payroll tuition experts at Accsys have confirmed the enrolment of 100 learners who have been awarded a bursary for the Accsys e-learning course in payroll administration.

This marks the company's largest Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA)-accredited e-class to date.

Accsys, in association with the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA) and the South African Payroll Association, kicked off a campaign in August this year to award learners with a bursary to secure a place on the Accsys e-learning course.

Candidates have been sourced from across SA and were chosen to receive the bursary based on specific criteria. According to Accsys, it was very important that applicants be either employed in payroll or have easy access to a payroll environment in the course of their work.

The organisers also considered a candidate's position within a business, their level of exposure to payroll administration and implementation of systems, as well as the availability of a mentor.

Accsys' management regards the excellent response from applicants as recognition that qualifications for payroll administrators are becoming more essential. It also attributes the response to the opportunity to “attend” the course through the SSETA without incurring financial costs.

“Cash flow and cost usually represent barriers to people wanting to secure qualification and secure positions on learning programmes,” says Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys.

“The bursary offers people a real opportunity and the level of interest proves there are a substantial number of payroll administrators in the market that desire official qualifications,” she continues.

“Learners would also like to be accredited and recognised for their experience. The e-learning platform continues to grow in popularity as innovative communication technology and greater access to the Internet means more people have the opportunity to study at their own pace, without being distracted or hampered by logistics and daily responsibilities,” concludes Schroenn.

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