Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Edition overcomes new challenges facing creative teams

Johannesburg, 02 Dec 2021
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Content creation and creative asset management has become a growing challenge for creative teams as they grapple with the logistics of remote and hybrid work and have to step up the pace of production to meet the demands of social media.

So says Peter Flischman, Adobe Business Sales Manager at Axiz, who says hybrid work models have added complexity to an already pressured environment. “Distributed teams report that it has become more difficult to ensure the consistent use of assets to stay on-brand. It has also become harder to avoid duplication and the use of unlicensed assets.”

According to an Edelman Data and Intelligence Survey, a broader set of teams is now tasked with creating branded content across areas like HR, operations and customer service, and this is further complicating efforts to keep content on-brand and compliant.

The research found that 78% of those polled feel it has become more difficult to ensure consistent use of assets, 76% say their teams have purchased the same asset more than once, 61% said their organisations had used unlicensed assets and 79% have had to re-work projects due to the use of out-of-date assets. 

“When teams are under pressure to do more, faster, they cannot afford to re-work campaigns. And they cannot allow the use of unlicensed or outdated assets,” Flischman says.

“The latest Adobe Creative Cloud offering for business, Pro Edition, addresses these challenges. Pro Edition supports agile content development while ensuring greater brand consistency, reducing potential risk and keeping budgets more predictable,” he says.

Pro Edition gives access to over 200 million assets from the Adobe Stock collection, seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps and services, across photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Unlimited access to Adobe Stock for the entire creative team means organisations no longer need to worry about managing asset approvals or using unlicensed assets. With pooled licensing, Adobe Stock assets belong to the company, even as team members come and go. It is built for business, with a single console and unified licence history so organisations can purchase, deploy and manage all Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock licences easily, and get at-a-glance transparency into what they own to avoid purchasing the same asset twice.

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