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The National Tender Bulletin delivers a far quieter week off last week's marathon of tenders. In this issue, the State IT Agency (SITA) comes to the party with four new tenders and awards a further two advertised during 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Worth noting are opportunities for the local software development industry. The Services SETA is advertising for IT skills to develop a system to conduct all business transactions of the SSETA in an integrated manner, and provide a management information reporting portal. The system is aimed for all SETAs and the needs of the Department of Higher Education Training (DHET), as well as South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The Mining Qualifications Authority, on the other hand, is looking for a service provider to design, develop, support and maintain a management information system.

New tenders

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

The department is looking to appoint a service provider to supply, install and maintain a telephone management and switchboard system for the Deeds Registry, Johannesburg, for a period of 36 months.

Tender no: DRDLR(CRD-04)2012/13

Information: Technical: GM Phokane, (012) 338-7007 or NG Seboane, (012) 338-7498. Bid-related enquiries: L Rashango, (012) 338-7303 or VK Balebetse, (012) 338-7337

Closing date: 10 December

Department of Defence

DOD requires printing, supply and delivery of various forms (various quantities) at the Medical Health Base Depot, Von Willig Street, Pretoria West.

Tender no: CPSC/B/M/061/2012

Information: Lieutenant Colonel De Wit, (012) 367-9107

Closing date: 13 December

South African Social Security Agency

SASSA is inviting proposals from service providers to provide ICT operations, support and maintenance services to its Cape Metropole offices for a period of two years.

Compulsory briefing: 3 December

Tender no: SASSA17/12/ICT

Information: Technical: Sizwe Nkosi, (012) 400-2424. Supply Chain enquiries: Godfrey Twala, (012) 400-2167

Closing date: 14 December

National Energy Regulator of South Africa

NERSA requires the services of supplier(s) for the appointment of a professional and competent service provider for redesigning its Web site.

Tender no: NERSA/1213/IRM/RWEB/BID010

Information: Stanley Radebe, (012) 401-4795, e-mail:; or Busisiwe Masilela, (012) 401-7404, e-mail:

Closing date: 6 December

Agricultural Research Council

The ARC invites suitable and qualified bidders to submit tenders for the provisioning of e-journals.

Tender no: ARC/25/11/12

Information: Supply Chain Management Unit, (012) 427-9733/9758/9760

Closing date: 29 November

Services SETA

SSETA is inviting tenders for the acquisition of IT skills for a period of nine months. The developers are to develop, configure and install components using one or more of the following tools and systems:

- Vaadin (Web forms)

- Liferay (Web portal)

- Alfresco (document management)

- Activiti (Workflow)

- Jira (project management)

- Pentaho (business intelligence)

- Mule (enterprise system bus)

- OpenLDAP (user management)

- Active directory (user management)

- Jasig CAS (single sign on)

- Drools (business rules)

- MySQL (structured database)

Developers need to have Java and Linux experience.

The outcome of the development will be a system to conduct all business transactions of the SSETA in an integrated manner across the organisation and to provide a management information reporting portal for all SETAs and the needs of the DHET as well as SAQA. The system should be portable to other SETAs without additional development costs.

Tender no: PROC-T212

Information: Nonhlanhla Nkadimeng, e-mail:

Closing date: 30 November

State Information Technology Agency

SITA is looking to make the acquisition of social media product establishment services, including development, implementation, maintenance and support.

Compulsory briefing: 29 November

Tender no: RFB 1018/2012

Information: Supply Chain Management, (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. E-mail:

Closing date: 14 December

The agency is also looking to acquire business intelligence product establishment services including development, implementation maintenance and support.

Compulsory briefings: 29 November

Tender no: RFB 1019/2012

Information: Supply Chain Management, (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. E-mail:

Closing date: 14 December

SITA is also establishing a preferred list of suppliers of vector and raster spatial data according to geographical spatial data coverage.

Tender no: RFB 1020/2012

Information: Supply Chain Management, (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. E-mail:

Closing date: 14 December

The state-owned entity is advertising for hardware maintenance, selected software support and services on wide area network devices, local area network devices, specialised devices, and all computer-related peripheral equipment for a period of one year, with an option to extend for another one year.

Non-compulsory briefings: 5 December

Tender no: RFB 1021/2012

Information: Supply Chain Management, (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543. E-mail:

Closing date: 11 January

Mining Qualifications Authority

The MQA would like to appoint a service provider to design, develop, support and maintain the MQA's Management Information System (MIS). The objectives of the MIS are to:

- Automate core operations and activities of the MQA;

- Design, develop and maintain an accurate data warehouse of all MQA skills development data while maintaining a high level of data integrity and data security;

- Implement an ease of use and ease of access system for the MQA and the mining and minerals sector;

- Implement an easily scalable, adaptable and portable system that integrates with other applicable MQA systems;

- Ensure maximum availability, inter-portability, efficiency and robustness;

- Ensure the MIS has BI capabilities with easy-to-use report writing, query, cubes, dashboards and search/help functions;

- Ensure the MIS has a project management module with process workflow and document management capabilities; and

- Ensure the MIS system has adequate disaster recovery and business continuity deployment.

Compulsory briefings: 29 November

Tender no: MQA/12/12-13

Information: Tsholo Dilape, E-mail:

Closing date: 19 December

Request for quotation

National Prosecuting Authority

The NPA invites suitably qualified and accredited training service providers to submit quotations for the following training courses:

Basic computer literacy

Location: Durban

Tender no: D1628

Effective business and report writing

Location: Durban

Tender no: D1627

Effective business and report writing

Location: NPA Head Office

Tender no: D2012

Effective business and report writing

Location: Mthatha

Tender no: D2033

MS Office 2007 software skills programme

Location: East London

Tender no: D1616

MS Office 2007 software skills programme

Location: Mthatha

Tender no: D1892

MS Office 2007 software skills programme

Location: Cape Town

Tender no: D2086

Information: RFQ enquiries: James Patterson, (012) 845-6451, e-mail:

Technical enquiries: Belinda Watters, (012) 845-6175, e-mail:

Closing date: 26 November

Supplier database invitations


The BANKSETA hereby invites businesses, particularly small and micro enterprises owned by women, youth and people with disabilities, to apply for registration to be included on BANKSETA's database as prospective suppliers. Preference will be given to registered suppliers when BANKSETA requests for quotations. However, it does not necessarily follow that those suppliers who are not registered will be precluded from quoting for the supply of goods and services to BANKSETA. It is envisaged that the supplier database will contribute to better and more efficient administration. The supplier database will be utilised in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), the prescripts of the National Treasury relating to supply chain management (SCM), as well as BANKSETA's SCM Policy.

Note: Suppliers registered on this database are by no means guaranteed contracts for goods and/or services required by BANKSETA, nor does it imply that every supplier registered on the supplier database will in all instances be given the opportunity to provide a quotation to BANKSETA. It does, however, enable BANKSETA's SCM department to identify potential suppliers that can be approached to submit quotations to BANKSETA for goods and/or services as and when required.

Closing Date: 7 January


Department of Water Affairs

Development of national integrated water information system.

Tender no:WP10699

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal

CCTV cameras at Benedictine Provincial Hospital.

Tender no: ZNQ 29/2012-2013

Department of Public Works

Appointment of expert service providers (entities or individuals) to render specialist consultancy services as a core transformation team in the following dedicated fields:

- Change management

- Business system strategist

- Monitoring, evaluation and reporting specialist

- Administrative support

- Built environment (property and construction)

- Media relations

Tender no: HP12/023

Tender results

Department of Education, Western Cape

Supply and deliver 1 529 tablets, 1 529 SIM cards and a once-off 500-megabyte data bundle (for the SIM cards) to 1 502 schools in the Western Cape and 27 to the WCED head office, and provide training to 20 WCED officials.

Tender no: B/WCED:2066/12

Successful bidder: Schoolnet South Africa

Value: R4 855 314.02

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal

RFI: Establishment of a database for suppliers of printing services at the Central Supply Chain Management Directorate.

Tender no: ZNB 5161/2011-H

Successful bidder: Human Scale Printers


Pala Printers

Rising Star Printers

Fullimput 1482, t/a Nu Print Printers

Inyosi Printers

Modern Printers

Masiqhame Trading 262, t/a Masiqhame Printing and Stationery


Gijima Printers

Mncwabe Printers

Kendall and Strachan

Paarl Media KZN

Value: Not applicable

Department of Public Works, KwaZulu-Natal

The supply, rental and installation of multifunctional photocopier for budget and accounting services.

Tender no: ZNT 1/12/13 W

Successful bidder: Minolco

Value: Not disclosed

Department of Water Affairs

Procurement of two videoconferencing systems and bridging facility for DWA.

Tender no: W10682

Successful bidder: Customised Solutions

Value: R3 356 946.50

State Information Technology Agency

One-year maintenance contract for CCTV systems at SITA offices.

Tender no:RFB 850/2010

Successful bidder: Multi-Net Systems

Value: Not disclosed

Procurement of discovery tool technology for a period of one year.

Tender no:RFB 885/2011

Successful bidder: Gijima Holdings

Value: Not disclosed

Department of Transport, KwaZulu-Natal

Provision of an outgoing voice communication services at head office.

Tender no:ZNB 1334/12 T

Successful bidder: Neotel

Value: Not disclosed

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