Telkom Mobile drops data rates

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Telkom Mobile has slashed data prices with the introduction of what it says are offerings that represent the best in-bundle rates in the market.

The operator's new SmartInternet and SmartInternet Saver postpaid data plans will be available from Sunday. Consumers can opt for a bundled offer that includes a device, or for a SIM-only option.

The plans come with an allocation of Telkom Mobile data, Telkom Mobile Night-Surfer data, LTE speeds in LTE coverage areas and access to free WiFi at Telkom Mobile hot spots around the country.

Attila Vitai, MD of Telkom Mobile, says owning the widest spectrum of radio frequencies allows Telkom Mobile to have the largest network capacity in the country. "The extensive spectrum positions Telkom Mobile to offer large data bundles for high data users."

Vitai says the operator has also extended certain other data promotions. These include the 60GB + 60GB, 10GB + 10GB (post-paid) and 2GB + 1 GB data bundles.

Customers will also be able to buy once-off or recurring internet data bundles for use on Telkom Mobile or all mobile networks. The internet bundles can be purchased from 8ta flagship stores and Telkom Direct stores, Telkom's self-service portal, via USSD or interactive voice response.

Vitai says the next few weeks will see Telkom Mobile bringing new and different data products to the table - including LTE and WiFi offerings.

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