Raspberry Pi shrinks the computer

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Raspberry Pi shrinks the computer

Raspberry Pi has released its highly anticipated $35 credit card-size computer, PC Mag reports.

The release of the machine was met with so much excitement that it sold out within minutes, and the influx of traffic crippled the servers of both of its suppliers.

The deluxe version of the Raspberry, known as 'Model B', includes two USB ports, nominally for a keyboard and mouse, an HDMI-out connector for a monitor and TV screen, and a LAN port for an Ethernet cable, The Australian writes.

It is powered by a moderately capable 700MHz ARM11 processor and has an onboard SD card reader, which gives the device a means to store data.

Today Online reports that the Raspberry Pi runs versions of the Linux operating system, stored on an SD card - and by default supports Python, which is seen as a good programming language for novices to tackle.

However, any other language compatible with the ARM architecture can be used.

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