Building towards an omni-channel organisation

Building towards an omni-channel organisation is made easier, thanks to Effective Intelligence's multi-campaign management and analytics suite, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.

Cape Town, 25 Oct 2013
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Today's challenging and exceedingly competitive business environment is driving businesses to find smarter ways to connect with customers. Omni-channel customer interactions take centre stage as companies scramble to provide a seamless customer experience. This is because the customer of the modern-day world lives a life that encompasses several shopping channels, from computers to mobile devices to catalogues.

To meet the needs of the modern customer, companies need efficient management systems. The new breed of customer requires a new breed of software. That is exactly what the business intelligence company Effective Intelligence provides. Its Portrait Customer Interaction Suite, in particular, provides excellent multi-channel campaign management capabilities.

Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence, remarked: "Customers expect this. They live in a multi-channel world and they expect sellers to reach them through these multiple channels. This expectation might often be on a subconscious level, but it is there. Our Portrait Suite makes it possible for companies to easily connect with and influence the modern-day customer."

Businesses invariably need to excel at multi-channel marketing as they move towards omni-channel customer interactions. The key difference is that omni-channel focuses on a more seamless customer experience, uniting the different channels and using them at once to interact with a customer.

"It's about customer experience optimisation," added the Effective Intelligence CEO. "Today, experience is stronger than brand, and trust comes before loyalty. Now more than ever, the organisation needs to have the right information for the right customer, at the right place, at the right time."

Having accurate information at the right place and time for the right customer also requires first-rate analytics. This is where Effective Intelligence's InfoArchitect data quality management suite comes into the picture, empower businesses.

Effective Intelligence makes it easier for businesses to overcome the challenges of becoming an omni-channel organisation. These challenges are in the areas of integration, training, decisioning and reporting, and understanding the systems, information and processes required to bring it all together in real-time.

While real-time decisioning is a nascent market, it is an exciting technology that is primed for rapid growth. Companies that are among the first to exploit real-time decisioning, such as those using Effective Intelligence's systems, will definitely gain a sharp competitive advantage. Effective Intelligence also enables businesses to make the most of next-best-action marketing by delivering an understanding of customer interests and needs on hand, thanks to the omni-channel capabilities.

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