An overview of the Samsung Knox platform

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An Overview of the Samsung Knox Platform.
An Overview of the Samsung Knox Platform.

Knox is Samsung's defence-grade mobile security platform built into its newest devices. Just turn on the device, and you're protected.

Knox provides strong guarantees for the protection of enterprise data by building a hardware-rooted trusted environment. A trusted environment ensures that enterprise-critical operations, such as decryption of enterprise data, can only occur when core system components are proven to not be compromised. For many pieces of device software, such as the kernel and TrustZone apps, this is done by checking the cryptographic signature of each piece of software. A trusted environment is hardware-rooted if both the cryptographic keys and code used to compute these
signatures are tied back to unmodifiable values stored in hardware.

Key features of Knox include Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, ARM TrustZone -based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA), Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android), and TrustZone-based Security Services.

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