eWASA to assess green job creation potential

Johannesburg, 19 Nov 2013
eWASA Press Office
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eWASA has been contracted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to conduct an assessment of the job creation potential in e-waste through sustainable enterprise development, with a special focus on e-waste in the automotive industry.

This research seeks to explore the potential for job creation and sustainable MSME development with a focus on productivity and working conditions in e-waste processing in South Africa, through a systemic analysis of the sector. The e-waste from the automotive sector will receive special attention through the development of a case study / life cycle assessment of specific electronic components along the value creation process of the automotive industry, from upstream manufacturing to downstream collection, disposal and recycling of e-waste back into the manufacturing process.

As part of the study, they need to quantify the level of public awareness about e-waste in the country. To this end, the consultants have prepared a survey to measure general awareness of e-waste in the country. Please complete the online survey and help them spread the word about the survey using your own networks.

eWASA and the ILO believe that e-waste management can create many sustainable decent jobs and, with the study, want to quantify the number of jobs possible for the sector. For more information on eWASA, see

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